Monday, 4 January 2021

Blippo Kawaii Face Masks review

Christmas is over (sniff !) and school is ready to kick off again. That means I have to sort out our stock of face masks again. With three of us going to school every day (me as a teacher and the kids as pupils), needing to put on a new face mask after lunch, we get through a whopping 27 masks per week, without even counting the weekend ! Luckily, Wednesday is a half day so I can quickly throw them all through the wash but even so, it takes some organisation ! Blippo helped me out by sending over a pack of their Kawaii Face Masks to try out.

The masks are a lovely pale pink colour and feature a whole host of cute pictures - that makes sense as kawaii refers to the culture of cuteness in Japan. Hearts, rainbows, fluffy clouds, sweets, stars, bows and balloons all feature on the masks and are perfect for spreading a message of happiness in these stressful and sometimes miserable times.

The masks are made from high-grade fabric (they feel like thick, soft tissue paper but they're very resistant and I couldn't manage to rip them) and offer three protective layers. They are very comfortable to wear and didn't make me sweat at all.

The top of the mask has an adjustable nose band that you can bend or squeeze into shape to give a closer fit to your nose.

The earloops are made of a stretchy elastic type material and they fit me perfectly. If they are too big for you, you can easily twist them to shorten them though.

They are big enough to cover your mouth, nose and chin completely. (I hadn't used the nose band in this photo, which is why it looks a bit too big.) It's the first time I've worn this type of mask, as I usually use washable fabric masks, but I was impressed at how comfortable they are and how well they cover your face.

A pack of 10 Kawaii masks costs £7.25. There are various other designs available, so have a good look. There's also an after-Xmas sale offering up to 50% off at the moment.

Disclosure : I received the product in order to write an honest review.


  1. You have reminded me that I need to buy some new masks. These are so cute! My youngest is crazy about any thing Kawaii so she would love these. They are a good price too x

  2. Love these, they are cute. I have been using homemade masks, amazing what you learn to do during lockdowns! Are you guys still at school? We have just entered another lockdown here

    1. Yes, still at school at the moment. We'll see what happens next :-/

  3. They look fab - going to need extra for the monthsahead


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