Sunday 24 January 2021

What's Cooking At The Madhouse ? menu plan week 4


We pretty much stuck to the menu plan last week, except I always end up having leftovers to use up that I thought the kids would eat at lunchtime. French style chicken and tacos didn't get made in the end, so they can be rescheduled. I've just gone shopping and filled the fridge with reduced price meat - I'll have a sort-out then put the remainder in the freezer. This week, Juliette is back at school. Sophie has spoken to her landlord and her and her flatmate have decided to cancel their flat rental for now - all classes are online until the end of the year so it doesn't make much sense to keep the flat. Now we have to figure out how to empty the flat (thanks nan and grandad !) and get the key back to him. It's all changing ! Right, let's see what we're eating this week :)


lunch- tomatoes stuffed with sausagemeat for me and Sophie, Pierre can have a beefburger, all with rice - Juliette will be at school

dinner - pork chops with courgette gratin and pasta


dinner- steak, mash and peas


lunch-  chicken fajitas

dinner- slow cooker beef stew with baked potatoes


lunch - spaghetti carbonara

dinner- chicken burgers, chips & coleslaw/salad


dinner - fresh pasta


lunch- we're in lockdown from 6pm onwards so it's too tight for time for going to the kebab shop, so the kids have asked for kebabs for lunch - well, why not ?!

dinner- leftover kebab meat or other leftovers


lunch- chicken paupiettes with couscous & green beans

dinner- toast or a sandwich

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  1. Will the landlord allow your parents in, to take Sophie's things?
    Ed's been talking about shish kebab for yonks after some of his favourite youtubers mentioned them, so I decided to buy a pack of kebabs for him with a chutney sauce.

    1. Yes, cancelling the flat rental was his idea - he will put it back up as an air b&b. He's convinced it will get rented out again straight away but I'm not so sure ! The only tricky (worrying) part was posting the key back to my mum and dad but it's just arrived safely - phew !

  2. Good luck to Juliette going back to school and it does make sense for Sophie to be home with you for now.
    The tomatoes stuffed with sausagemeat sounds so good and we love chicken fajitas here.
    Great meal plan x

  3. oh i do like a chicken burger and enjoy your kebab its such a treat not cooking be it lunch or dinner x

  4. That's good news about the rental, at least it'll save some money!

    Also, well done on the reduced price meat - love a good bargain!


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