Monday, 24 May 2021

What's Cooking At The Madhouse ? menu plan week 21

Last week was a blur ! I had two afternoons off (Wednesday and Thursday) and ended up sleeping through both of them - I was absolutely exhausted. It turns out that this is a side effect of the COVID vaccine from Monday though and I'm back to normal now. The weekend was busy - we got some new chairs that needed putting together and a new bed for Juliette (the kids helped me put it together - Juliette is great at DIY apparently !), plus I did this year's tax returns. I'm pleased that today is a bank holiday so I can chill out for a bit before going back to work tomorrow ! Here's this week's plan.


lunch- Time to clear out the fridge ! I'm thinking leftover chicken, red peppers, onions and rice

dinner -sausages and leftover roast potatoes


lunch- I'll be at the school canteen - the kids can have the rest of the sausages with mash (or sausage sandwiches)

dinner- spaghetti bolognese (or pasta with sausages if they didn't get eaten at lunchtime)


lunch- fajitas

dinner- lemon & thyme turkey with couscous & veg


lunch - sandwiches

dinner- fish & potato wedges (or leftovers for Sophie, as she doesn't like fish)


lunch- I'll be at the canteen, the kids can go fridge diving !

dinner -  paprika turkey, rice & veg


lunch- it's possible that the in laws may be up, in which case they want us to find a restaurant - I have no idea what is open and what has outdoor seating, so this could be fun ! :-/

dinner- baked ham, rice and veg (or just a sandwich or toast if we pigged out at lunchtime !)


lunch- roast dinner

dinner- leftovers, cheese on toast or fridge grazing

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  1. I am glad you feel better after your vaccine. Enjoy the bank holiday.
    Great meal plan. x

    1. Looking forward to the second jabs and getting Pierre and Juliette done so that we can plan a trip over to see the family over the summer. It's been far too long. Not sure if this will be done by July or not though :-/

  2. oh the joys of being tired after the vaccination. All your meals sound lovely.

    1. Thanks ! The first jab isn't too bad but I've been told the second one is worse, in terms of side effects. Trying to plan a day when I can rest up without a long day at work, but it seems to be tough trying to judge when it will hit you !

  3. Well done on getting the tax returns done!

    You've got some delicious meals planned, as always.

    I'm glad you've been vaccinated, got mine tomorrow!

    1. Oooh good luck ! Hope you don't get any side effects xx

  4. I'm glad your vaccine went ok and your feeling better now. I have just booked my 1st on and can't wait but hoping i don't have any side effects.
    Great meal plan for the week. Have a good week x


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