Sunday, 5 December 2021

What's Cooking At The Madhouse ? menu plan week 49

Sophie's back from her week in Italy, which is good news for me (possibly bad news for her !) as she can take over cooking on the three nights this week that I've got after school meetings - boo ! I've just noticed we're into week 49 - blooming heck, that means Christmas is very nearly here ! I think our plans to come over to England will be scuppered by the new COVID rules - boo hiss ! - so I need to start getting organised for Christmas food too. We've booked our third dose of the COVID jab for the first week of January - not a lot else we can do really anyway. Well, here's a rough plan for this week, but I'm handing over control (and creative input) to Sophie !


lunch- canteen for me (leftovers - probably beef stew - for the kids)

dinner - Sophie's in control - maybe pork chops, rice and veg?


lunch- canteen for me (leftovers for the kids)

dinner- lasagne


lunch- leftover lasagne

dinner- twice baked potatoes (stuffed with onion, mushroom, bacon, beans, cheese)


lunch - I'll be eating with friends (leftovers for the kids)

dinner- Sophie's on chef duty - spaghetti carbonara or bolognese ?


lunch-  leftovers or a Sophie-special :) (only me and her at home)

dinner - Sophie's in the hot seat again - maybe a takeaway? or pizza?


lunch- creamy chicken & mushrooms with pasta

dinner- sweet & sour pork & pineapple with stir fried veg & noodles (or rice, if I fail to find any in the supermarket)


lunch- roast dinner - chicken probably

dinner- smoked sausages with pasta (and whatever else is left in the fridge - mushrooms, peppers, onions?)

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  1. I think I have got myself mixed up with blog commenting so commenting here. Thanks for linking up last week. I agree that this new Covid is a travel issue. We want to go to France early next year and I suspect that won't be happening at this rate. Crazy isn't it? Glad Sophie got home safely.

    1. It's a nightmare - so much hassle sorting out all the tests/extra paperwork every time we try to come over :-/

  2. I bet you are glad to have Sophie back not just for the cooking. hehehe That is rotten you won't be able to get back to the England for Christmas. Great meal plan. I love the sound of the baked potatoes and the sweet and sour pork x

  3. Glad Sophie is back and will be helping with cooking. Sorry about your Christmas plans. It's changing every day. We've invited our friends over, but again, don't know if they'd be able to come. And if they do, I need to buy a turkey crown, if they don't, I'm not bothering with the turkey.


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