Sunday 19 December 2021

What's Cooking At The Madhouse ? menu plan week 51

We're on holiday at last - woohoo ! Time to sort out oodles of Christmas shopping (food, not presents !), work out what to watch on Netflix and where to go to soak up some last minute Christmassy atmosphere (maybe one or two of the local Christmas markets ? - not sure yet). I'm currently sat on the sofa, flicking through the November Sainbury's Magazine, deciding which recipes sound good to try. I'm also delving into the kitchen cupboard to see what seasoning sachets have built up in there. This week's plan may be completely ignored as we'll probably buy loads of extras when we hit Picard (a frozen food shop, like the French equivalent of Iceland) but it's better to have a plan to fall back on just in case.


lunch- homemade sausage rolls (p82) with mash & baked beans

dinner - raclette (melted cheese poured over boiled potatoes, salad/tomatoes/gherkins and ham/salami)


lunch- Chicken & chorizo one pot (p112)

dinner- Spiced sweet potato, tomato & coconut curry with rice (p67) (or leftover raclette, probably for Pierre & Juliette)


lunch- spaghetti carbonara

dinner- Creamy mustard chicken & leeks with rice (p72)


lunch - Sticky & sweet BBQ chicken drumsticks (a sachet from the cupboard) with ebly & homemade coleslaw

dinner- Sausages with parsnip & apple mash and cider/onion gravy (p109)

Friday - Christmas Eve

lunch- twice baked potatoes (stuffed with bacon, onion, cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes)

dinner - tonight's the big night for Christmas dinner in France, but we'll stick to the UK tradition and have ours tomorrow. Tonight we'll do a selection of festive party snacks & nibbles to eat in front of the telly :)

Saturday - Christmas Day 

lunch- Christmas lunch - not sure if we're having turkey or chicken yet. It will probably be chicken, as turkeys are not a big thing here and it's hard to find them.

dinner- Crunchy apple, fruit & nut salad (p62) maybe with leftover chicken/turkey if anyone wants it


lunch- Quite probably leftovers - if not chicken (or pork?) fajitas (I have a sachet of Mexican Tomato & Chipotle Tinga in the cupboard, which might make a nice change)

dinner- I think the fridge will probably have lots of nibbly things to munch on and maybe even some turkey

Extra baking projects - Herb & Parmesan Shortbread (p55)

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  1. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. It sounds like you have some great plans. I love the sound of the raclette and the parsnip & apple mash. x


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