Sunday 13 March 2022

What's Cooking At The Madhouse ? menu plan week 11

Remember last week, when I was mentioned Pierre breaking his arm? Well, later that evening, he was feeling rough so I gave him a covid test - positive, aaagghhh ! So he's been at home all week. His friend had covid too though, so at least he could waste his time playing video games ... once he figured out how to use his controller with a broken arm ! Our streak of bad luck continues though. The roofer failed to show up so I got on to the insurance, who chased him up. He was supposed to phone to rearrange a time to come and give us a quote and protect the roof, but still no news. I'll have to chase it up again next week. I give up ! So, on to happier thoughts ... what will we be eating this week ?!


lunch- I'm at the canteen, the kids can find something in the fridge

dinner - spaghetti bolognese


lunch- canteen for me, leftovers for the kids

dinner- sweet & sour chicken with noodles (or maybe rice - I'm not sure how Pierre would get on with noodles with one hand ?!)


lunch- leftovers 

dinner- fajita pockets (with mince or chicken, rice, guacamole, tomatoes, salsa, cheese)


lunch - a meal with friends for me

dinner- Proven├žal chicken with potato wedges and coleslaw


lunch- Sophie can sort out something, probably using veggie options from the freezer

dinner - creamy pork with leeks & mushrooms & rice


lunch- chicken burgers, ebly & ratatouille

dinner- cottage pie


lunch- roast chicken, roast potatoes, veg & gravy

dinner- bacon sandwiches

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  1. Oh no! What a nightmare with Pierre. I hope he is feeling OK. You are having such a run of bad luck at the moment. I hope the roof is fixed soon.
    Fab meal plan. I struggle to eat noodles with 2 hands so good luck to Pierre. lol x

  2. My kids love Sweet and Sour Chicken, I haven't made it for ages. Must remember to add that to cook. Thanks for linking up to Meal Plan Monday. Sorry for the slight delay and break. Life has been complicated. We are back this week.


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