Sunday, 29 January 2023

What's Cooking At The Madhouse ? menu plan week 5

I walked down the street earlier today and said to Sophie, "woohoo, my foot isn't hurting any more and I can breathe properly" ! It might not seem like much but for me, that makes a big difference to day-to-day life ! Little health niggles that have been going on for a while - so long in fact that I've just got used to them. Well, on to a new lease of life ! I have big plans to get things organised in the house on my upcoming two weeks of holidays. I need to finish redecorating the hallway - we hit a block with the bits of wallpaper halfway up the stairs that we can't reach. Well, I'll come up with a solution and finish that off then finish the repainting. The roof is FINALLY supposed to be getting repaired next week- woohoo ! I can then sort out Sophie's room (some water came in through the roof so the ceiling needs repainting ... this water then came down the electric cables to the light in Pierre's room underneath last week, which was slightly scary !) Loads of reorganising and dejunking is planned too - let's call this some much needed early spring cleaning ! But I'm getting ahead of myself as I still have two weeks of work to get through. Here's the meal plan for this week anyway ...


lunch- canteen for me, fridge diving for those at home 

dinner - pork chops with mash & beans


lunch- canteen for me, fridge diving for those at home

dinner- Creamy Tuscan chicken with pasta


lunch- fishfingers and chips

dinner- smoked sausages/onions/mushrooms/peppers with pasta


lunch - out for lunch with friends

dinner- chicken fricassée with couscous


lunch- canteen for me, fridge diving for those at home


lunch- eating in town (kids' choice) or freezer diving

dinner- sweet & sour chicken & pineapple with rice


lunch- steak, potato wedges & carrots

dinner-  spaghetti bolognese (or fridge raiding/toast  if nobody is really hungry)

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  1. I am glad you are feeling better and that's great that you have found a solution to your decorating problem and the roof is finally getting repaired. Good luck with the spring cleaning.
    Great meal plan. x


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