Sunday, 12 February 2023

What's Cooking At The Madhouse ? menu plan week 7

I didn't make a menu plan last week. On Monday, I got home from work, went to check what I was supposed to be cooking for tea and went "oops, I never did my menu plan this week" ! Oh well, we survived with going rogue for a week ! This week, we're on holiday - yippee ! It's not going to be restful though as I have loads to do around the house (dejunking, tidying and decorating). We did get our roof fixed - at last ! They replaced the big metal strip across the top of the roof but didn't replace the five tiles that were blown off. Apparently it's all perfectly sealed though. Now I'm getting back on to the insurance for the final bits and I finally had the bill to put in for the repayment - phew ! I've put in for Sophie's ceiling too as the water came through but we can repaint that ourselves. This week's menu plan may be totally abandoned as I'll be busy doing stuff around the house and also, because it's Juliette's birthday - 18 years old. Blimey ! She's gone off to Sophie's and they're going to Brussels for the day to visit the Van Gogh Experience and the Lego museum. I'm pretty sure there's a night out planned too ! I always like to have something planned though as it makes it easier when I go shopping. Here's this week's plan ...


lunch- Cajun chicken with rice (and onions/red peppers/cherry tomatoes)

dinner - beef & noodles


lunch- maybe leftovers, if not beefburger & couscous with mushroom gravy

dinner- pork filet mignon with cream & mushrooms and pasta


lunch- I think there will be leftovers to use up

dinner- chicken casserole (mushrooms, onions, carrots) and mash


lunch - chicken burgers in buns with homemade coleslaw (and homemade chips if the kids are extra hungry)

dinner- paprika pork with rice


lunch- meatball subs (in the leftover burger buns) 


lunch- the fridge should be full of leftovers again

dinner- roast chicken leg in yellow bean sauce (using up things from past Degustaboxes so we'll see what it tastes like !) with rice


lunch- roast chicken, roast potatoes, veg & gravy (or it may end up being a meal out for Juliette's birthday)

dinner- bacon sandwiches

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  1. We're on holiday too from school for half term and for the rest of the week we're doing a bit of decluttering and sorting the garden. That's great news that your roof is fixed! Happy birthday to Juliette! I hope she has a great day. x


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