Sunday 12 November 2023

What's Cooking At The Madhouse ? menu plan week 45

This week went absolutely fine, until the end of the week. Just as I was coming out of work on Friday afternoon, the kids sent me a message to say that there was water coming in through the roof in Sophie's loft conversion in several places, then going through her floor and coming out through the light in Pierre's room below. They set up a load of buckets to catch the water but the floor was soaked. The insurance office is shut until Tuesday as it's a bank holiday weekend (which I forgot about until I went there on Saturday morning !) so I'll have to wait a while. I'm not sure if this is an add-on to the insurance claim for the roof from the past storm (still waiting for the reply from the expert to allow the claim/work to go through to replace some missing tiles since March !) or if it's a new one from this latest storm. On top of all that, Sophie has just had a blood test and discovered she has diabetes so she's in hospital for a few days while they get her insulin levels sorted out. Talk about a nightmare weekend ! Next week is a busy one with two parent-teacher evenings, which I could do without, but I'm sure we'll make it through somehow ! Here's this week's menu plan.


lunch- sausages with potato smileys and sweetcorn

dinner - Pierre will be at football training so I'll knock up some baked potatoes with beans, bacon and onions


lunch- quick jambalaya

dinner- pasta bolognese using a jar of sauce for an instant dinner after work


lunch- crispy sesame beef & rice


lunch- school canteen for me, Pierre can use up leftovers 

dinnerMary Berry's 15 minute pasta sounds like a quick dinner when I get home from work late


lunchchicken parmesan with rice and sweetcorn


lunch- after a long week, I think we deserve a Deliveroo !

dinner- chicken fricassée with rice


lunch-  Monterey chicken with couscous & salad

dinner- leftovers or cheese on toast

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1 comment:

  1. Oh no! What a nightmare with the leak. It sounds like the kids handled it well though. Poor Sophie, I hope she gets sorted soon. Sending love and hugs.
    The potato smileys sound like a great way to start the week after the weekend that you have had. Fab meal plan. x


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