Monday 20 November 2023

What's Cooking At The Madhouse ? menu plan week 46

I'm still rushing around trying to sort out the roof at the moment. The original roofers don't work with individual customers any more, just big council blocks, and another company eventually got back to me to say they couldn't do it. I think (fingers crossed) I've managed to find someone to do it today, but the only bad news is, we have to wait a week for them to come out. Unfortunately it's still pouring hard at the moment 90% of the time. Typical !  I'm just heading into the busy end-of-term time at school too. We got the parent-teacher evenings out of the way last week. Next week is the first of the class meetings looking at exam results, prospects and advice for pupils and parents. Before then, I have to do my last exams and fill in the school reports. Always a busy time. All of that explains why I'm so late getting this week's menu plan out ! Here's what's on the cards this week.


lunch- chicken in cream with rice, peas and carrots

dinner - battered fish and spicy potato wedges


lunch- Sophie's coming back home for a doctor's appointment so I'll catch up with her for lunch somewhere

dinner- BBQ ribs, rice and coleslaw


lunch- paprika pork, mixed beans and rice

dinner- chicken fajitas


lunch- school canteen for me, Pierre can use up leftovers 

dinner- chicken burgers, pasta and sweetcorn


lunch- leftover chicken burgers in leftover tortilla wraps with guacamole, tomatoes and rice

dinner - pork filet mignon with roast potatoes and carrots, covered in gravy


lunch- after a long week, I think we deserve a Deliveroo !

dinner- chilli con carne and rice


lunch-  chicken in tomato & veg sauce with pasta

dinner- leftovers

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