Sunday 11 February 2024

What's Cooking At The Madhouse ? menu plan week 7

Last week, I told you that we'd be booking our summer holiday - a Northern European cruise. Well, we did but when she tried to book it, it turned out that there was no room left on the boat. She therefore came up with another similar cruise, leaving from Hamburg, stopping off for a day in Scotland (where we can squeeze in a day trip which includes Loch Ness, which sounds cool), then moving up to and around Iceland, before heading back for another day in Scotland, in the Orkneys, then back to Hamburg. The only problem is, the Icelandic volcano has been erupting ever since we booked and one of the excursions on offer from the cruise company is to the mud baths that have been evacuated and cut off by the lava flow. Hopefully it will all have calmed down by the time we leave ! Here's the plan for this week's meals.


lunch-  chicken burgers, rice and green beans

dinner - Cajun style dirty rice


lunch- spicy pork and leftover dirty rice


lunch- Provençal chicken with couscous and ratatouille


lunch- school canteen for me, fridge-diving for Pierre

dinner- Philadelphia chicken with cherry tomatoes and pasta


lunch- spaghetti bolognese

dinner - Hunter's chicken with baked potatoes


lunch- Bacon cheeseburger pie with chips

dinner- Deliveroo


lunch- pork filet mignon with dauphinois potatoes

dinner - leftovers or bacon sandwiches

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