Saturday 9 October 2010

Cwtches Sheepskin Booties

What's in a name ? Well, quite a lot when it's the wonderfully exotic-sounding and unpronounceable (for the uninitiated) name Cwtches. As Inch Blue explain on their website, the name that they have chosen for their gorgeous baby booties is the Welsh word for "love" as in a cuddle or hug.

And I have to say, it's the perfect name because these wonderfully soft and snuggly sheepskin booties are just like a cuddle for soft little baby feet. They go perfectly with the ultra-cute Inch Blue logo that shows a pair of baby feet placed together in a heart shape. These people know how to show some serious TLC to your little one's tootsies !

The cwtches are hand-stitched in Wales and the attention to detail is amazing. They are ultra-soft sheepskin on the inside which is lovely and warm and makes Pierre smile and giggle every time I put his bare feet into them ! The outside, made from suede, can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and dried naturally, which is always handy to know as babies (or is it just Pierre ?!) always have a knack of flicking their lovely orange baby purees straight on to their brand new shoes !

The only downside is that they are fastened with velcro so Pierre has absolutely loads of fun pulling them off every five seconds and flinging them across the room. I then have to be quick to rescue them before the dogs get hold of them and take them to their basket to snuggle up with !

The cwtches come in three colours - pink, blue or the unisex brown (or I should say "cyclamen", "petrol" or "tan" !) - and two sizes, small (0-6 months) or medium (6-12 months). However, Pierre is 15 months old and the medium size fits him with room to spare.

For the colder months ahead, they are absolutely perfect and can be worn either in the house as gorgeous fleecy slippers or outside as a trendy version of mini-Ugg boots ! I wish they made them in grown-up sizes - I'd buy some !

To finish off, I thought I'd share a few pictures of Pierre showing off his Cwtches !

Oooh they're all soft and tickly !

Come and give me a cwtch !

Heeheehee I may look all cute and cuddly and  innocent but I'm actually masterminding my latest plan to fling my boots across the room !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £25

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