Thursday 9 February 2012

Find Me A Gift Love Heart Slanket review

When I first heard about Slankets - or Sleeved Blankets - I have to admit that I thought they would be a flash in the pan. The latest gimmick for people to buy and use for a few weeks until the buzz died down and then get forgotten about again. Blankets have been around for so long that you couldn't possibly improve on the design, could you ? But they've been around for so long now that I started thinking, well, maybe they weren't quite so ridiculous after all, otherwise people wouldn't keep buying them, would they ?

Well, when the opportunity came up to review one for Find Me A Gift, I jumped at the chance. With temperatures dropping to silly levels - I actually read earlier that it was colder here than at the North Pole this week ?! How can that be ? What happened to global warming ?!! - it was the perfect time for trying it out.

The write-up on the Find Me A Gift website says : "The Slanket has come over all romantic. Snuggle up to a Valentine in a beautiful soft Love Rug with a box of chocolates and a slushy film. Pop your hands through the sleeves to reach for the remote, send a flirty text or read a book. It even has a secret pocket for you to store the remote or your mobile phone!"

Well, I did feel a bit ridiculous the first time I put my arms through the sleeves and snuggled up, but that soon stopped when I realised how lovely and snuggly I felt. I love reading in bed before I settle down for the night and usually, this means tucking the quilt up to my neck but having to leave my arms sticking out, which isn't ideal when it's a bit nippy. The Slanket is absolutely ideal for keeping your arms covered but free to turn the pages. Genius !

But I found another use for it on one of our Sunday family DVD viewing sessions. Usually Madhouse Daddy Mike sits in one armchair, Sophie lays across the one on the opposite side (that we managed to deep clean here) and I lay on the settee with Pierre and Juliette. The idea being that Pierre falls asleep but he usually just wriggles and tickles and giggles and squirms for the entire duration of the film ! Trying to keep a blanket over a wriggly little boy is never an easy task, especially with him and Juliette playing tug-of-war with it and complaining about not having enough covers. Well, the Slanket comes to the rescue. If it's attached to my arms, it can't fall off or get pulled about, so everyone stays nicely snuggled up with no arguing ! Bliss !

It's a really soft fleece blanket which is machine washable and measures approximately 213 cm x 152 cm. The little pocket is great for secretly taking possession of the remote control (mwahaha !) or, if you've got a stinking rotten cold like I have at the moment, for keeping your tissues at hand. The red love heart design is lovely for Valentine's Day but, now that I've discovered just how practical and snuggly it is, I'll be using this right through winter and spring until the sun starts putting in an appearance again. (If you want a more unisex design, it comes in a range of plain colours too, including blue, chocolate, pink, white and red.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £24.99

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  1. great review as always cheryl. I, like you was very sceptical of slankets, however I bought my two children one each last christmas and they are still using them now. They look and feel lovely and warm, although i will admit that I have not invested in one for me yet, I have a lovely blanket/throw to curl up under on the sofa at night!

  2. I would love this - like being nice and cosy!

  3. They look and feel lovely and warm, although i will admit that I have not invested in one for me yet

  4. I want one of these!!
    Sunday DVD sessions sound lovely :)

  5. My house always gets cold very very quickly - thse look absolutely amazing and sooooo comfy. Wow very very good thinking whoever thought up this product x

  6. I have to say the same as you I always fee a bit daft with putting arms through one. Our house there is no need to have one tbh, we have two people with arthritis so the heating is always on warm enough to keep us from our joints being a pain. Hence I actually never need anything warner than a t-shirt in the house lol. However my sister keeps her home like a fridge and I do use her's when there because I can not get warm lol. Fun things but I do not think I would ever buy one at £25. There are lots of cheaper versions that are as good. xx

  7. I am not sure I would use one of these, and certainly not with this "love-heart" design!

  8. i was bought one as a gift its great and really warm but i have never put my arms in it just use it like a regular blanket! The double ones make me laugh


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