Thursday 23 February 2012

ZhuZhu Pets Zhu-Fari Lion Park Playset review

Here at The Madhouse, both 6-year-old Juliette and 10-year-old Sophie love ZhuZhu Pets so when the opportunity came up to review one of their newest playsets, I only had to read the first line of the email to know that they'd be over the moon. When the ZhuFari Lion Park Playset arrived, along with one of the funky ZhuFari pets, there was much excited squealing !

The Lion Playset is comprised of a big lion head (which seems to be a bit flimsy to me so I'm not sure how long it will actually last) with a plastic tube slide that clips on that the Zhu-Fari pets can slide down, a bridge they can go across and a rink they can shoot around. There is also a fun monkey swing but unfortunately this only works with ZhuZhu Babies and we haven't got any of those. The ZhuZhu Babies can also play peekabook, looking through the lion's eyes. The lack of ZhuZhu Babies didn't bother the girls though as they said they had plenty of other small toys that can be used instead.

The playset has a few connectors too, enabling you to connect this up to other Zhu-Fari Playsets, including  the Zippity Zip-line Playset, the Jiggle-Bug Jungle Playset, the Lion’s Rock Playset and the Fun Rover car. I can imagine that building a huge Zhu-niverse would open up a whole lot more play opportunities than just having one playset. Chief Madhouse Mini-Tester Sophie really liked it, but as a standalone playset, I was slightly underwhelmed, I have to admit.

I do really love the cute new jungle-themed Zhu-Fari pets though. We got a funky Baako the zebra to play with, but there are also playmates Wharton the elephant and Zuri the pink-spotted leopard. You can also buy Zhu-Fari Deluxe Pets that come with their own mini babies,including Jack and Wilder the loveable lions, Zulu and Button the exotic giraffes, and Ozzy and Banana the silly monkeys, and owning these animals would really allow you to exploit the play opportunities that the playset offers.

You can also play with the Zhu-fari Pets on their own without a playset. If you press their backs, they move around unpredictably and make jungle-themed noises, which had the Madhouse Mini-testers in hysterics. They are now convinced that zoofari is a real word now though !

We’ve just learned that with Zhu-Fari, you can even win a break for all the family at the Safari Hotel at Chessington World of Adventures. It’s a great competition, you can enter here

star rating : 4/5

RRP : Zhu-Fari Lion Park Playset from £19.99, animals £13.99

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  1. These look really fun, something I'm sure my little boy would love when he's a bit older - he's still a bit young yet. These are just the kinds of play sets I used to adore as a child, best thing about being a mummy is you get to revert to childhood!

  2. I've never seen the jungle ones, they look cute! I bought one of the hamsters for my son about a year ago thinking that maybe he would get into them, but I don't think he is that bothered by them!

  3. Good review, it does look a bit limited, but the pets are super cute!!


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