Friday, 11 May 2018

Fab Lab Hairlights review

When we were given the chance to review Hairlights Temporary Colour Highlights from Fab Lab, I knew the girls would jump at the chance. Both Juliette and Sophie have very long, straight hair and Sophie has been trying to convince me to let her have her hair dip dyed or tie dyed (however you tie dye hair !) for years. This temporary solution would be a great alternative that could be simply washed out before going back to school.

Inside the kit, you get six coloured hair chalks, some protective gloves and two hair clips.

There is also an 8 page booklet giving you advice on different techniques that you can use to recreate various hair trends, such as ombre, unicorn or rainbow.

The hair chalks are easy to apply, stick really well to the hair and provide vibrant colours really quickly. I didn't bother using the gloves and I did get chalk all over my fingers but it washed off easily with soap. I also ended up with chalk dust all over my clothes and the floor but it was easy to hoover/wipe up and wash out of my clothes. I told the kids to put old towels on their pillows overnight but it wasn't a problem and it stayed put on their hair until the morning, which impressed me.

You can't see much difference from the photos but Juliette has fine, dark brown hair and Sophie's is very thick and dark blonde. The Hairlights gave good coverage and funky colours on both hair types.

Pierre didn't want to be left out so he asked for some coloured streaks in his hair too. It didn't last as long as the girls, but that's because he kept running his hands through his hair trying to style it into spikes, plus he got all hot and sweaty running around outside with his new mini skateboard.

It's so quick to apply though (you just have to rub a lock of hair across the chalk in the little pot a few times) that I didn't mind giving him a top-up the next morning. As you can see from the photo, he was really pleased with the results ! The chalk comes straight out when you wash your hair so it's a great way to create a special look for a party, at the weekend or during the school holidays.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £9.99

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.


  1. This looks like fantastic fun! I think my youngest would love the hairlights. She has been asking for rainbow hair and as she's only 10 there's no way she's dying it.
    I love your kids hair especially Pierre's. He looks so cool x

    1. Yes, they're great as a compromise, rather than going for a serious dye-job at the hairdresser's

  2. My five year old daughter has asked for these but I didnt think they would work as well as advertised but seeing your pictures I can see they work really well, her birthday is in August so il have to get her some xx

    1. They only last for about a day, until you wash or brush your hair but they're quick to reapply and the colours are really vibrant :)

  3. Oh, very trendy! Love that Pierre is such a good sport and asked to have his hair coloured.

  4. Looks fun and a nice present idea.

  5. My daughter would love this


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