Saturday, 19 May 2018

Pointless - The Mini Game review

When you say that something is pointless, you usually mean that it's a waste of time, but Pointless - The Mini Game, is anything but. It's a fun, compact game, perfect for travelling, that will keep the older children and adults entertained for hours, battling out their word skills and general knowledge.

Inside the box, you get a card with the (simple) rules (not really needed if you're familiar with the concept), a score-sheet with space for the answers and a pack of cards with a clever card holder which shows you the question while hiding the answers. Just like on the TV show, you will have a category - anything from George W Bush and Ryder Cup Captains to Duran Duran Singles or Victorian Novels - there's something to appeal to everyone and some are easier than others. For each category there is a series of questions - they may be anagrams, initials, clues, have missing words or letters - and a description of the category. Here, for example, it is "anagrams of songs that were all Top 40 singles during the Christmas period".

All players get their thinking caps on at the same time so there is no boring waiting around for your turn. The youngest player begins, chooses his answer, writes it down on his score card and tells everyone what he has written. The next player can choose the same question, if he thinks it has been wrongly answered, or a different question. Once everyone has written down their answer, the Question Master slides the card up to reveal the correct answers and the number of points (a wrong answer will get you 100 points). After six rounds, the winner is the person with the lowest number of points.

It's a fun game and some of the anagrams are hilarious - who'd have guessed that A Magical Carp Enslavement is an anagram of A Spaceman Came Travelling ? (Well, 1 person apparently, judging by the score - and now I've got la la la la la la la la la la on the brain !). Eventually, when you've played through all the questions, you'll know all the answers, but there are plenty to keep you going and you could either buy a different version of the game with new questions or have fun making up some of your own !

Pointless (Aged 12+) – just like the TV show! 
For more information, head over to the University Games website

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.

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  1. I love the show pointless so I'm sure I would enjoy the game


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