Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Our Num Noms inspired snack for National Sandwich Week !

This week (20 - 26 May) is National Sandwich Week - a week long celebration of the ultimate portable food - and Num Noms sent us through a fun package of goodies to get involved. Along with a funky pink lunchbox and a chef's hat, we received a Num Noms magazine, with lots of lovely free gifts, and, best of all, some more Num Noms to add to Juliette's already rather impressive collection.

Juliette excitedly unpacked all the new squishy stackables from the series 4 Dessert Tray, enthusing about the cute faces, foodie fragrances and lip glosses. 

They are all very appealing but some of our favourites are Goldie Cake, Orange Swirl Gloss Up and Sugar Wafer.

 There were also some fun accessories in the parcel to make our sandwiches extra-special - some cookie cutters and Candy Eyeballs which I thought looked great - but the kids were less impressed, with Pierre saying he didn't want to eat something that was looking at him. (I think he must have been put off for life by a whole fish, served complete with its head, when we were in Turkey a couple of years ago !) I couldn't even tempt them to use the cookie cutters because they complained that they'd lose out on half of their sandwich (I couldn't fault their logic on this one !) and Juliette pointed out that some of the Num Noms are square anyway so they could eat a whole slice. Fair enough then !

I gave them free reign of the kitchen and said they could choose ingredients to match some of the Num Noms. They went for a sweet option, combining chocolate spread, reminiscent of Cocoa Mallow, I. C. Sandwich and Wintergreen Creme, and banana à la Nana Pop. They also opted for a double decker sandwich with three slices of bread because Num Noms are all about the stacking. I like the way they think !

We did try making a bread-based Num Nom character of our own too, but it came out looking more evil than cute, especially as the fruit kept sliding off ! The idea was a red, white and blue combination in honour of the royal wedding, made of a marshmallow fluff sandwich topped with blueberries and strawberries. Juliette decided to call it Meghan Sparkle - I'm not sure Buckingham Palace would agree - and it tasted better than it looked apparently !

Disclosure : We received some goodies to take part in National Sandwich Week.

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