Saturday 1 August 2009

BIO-FEM Instant Moisturising Balm (to prevent sore nipples)

In the final stages of pregnancy, having already decided that I'd definitely be breastfeeding again, I thought it would be a good idea to start looking at the various creams available to help me out if I ended up with cracked or sore nipples, something that is unfortunately often unavoidable in the very early days. I was lucky enough to win a tube of Bio-Fem Moisturising Balm so I decided to give it a go.

At first, I was unimpressed - when I squeezed a little out of the tube on to my finger, a huge trickle of oil dripped all over the place. After a period of trial and error, I found that the best way to avoid this was to squash the product the wrong way back up into the tube, then thoroughly squish it for a few minutes before squeezing it out. This way, the oil mixed in with the cream and made no mess.

The first time I used the cream was in the final month of pregnancy. I expected it to act as a moisturiser and was surprised (and vaguely worried at first !) when the entire top layer of the dry skin around my nipples flaked off ! I was left with totally soft, rehydrated skin. I had planned on using the balm regularly right up until the birth (and beyond) but didn't actually need to reapply any at all for the final weeks, one application was enough to thoroughly rehydrate my skin.

After the birth, once breastfeeding kicked in, I kept it by my bedside at all times just in case. I'm always highly dubious of the claim "instant relief" on anything - usually the promised effects aren't instantaneous or if they are, the results don't last for long - but I have to admit that in this case, the balm did do what it said on the box. Relief was instantaneous and long-lasting. Bliss !

The balm is not tested on animals, lanolin-free, derived from natural plant extracts and contains no hidden nasties like preservatives or other chemicals. It is totally harmless, even if swallowed, so you don't have to wipe it off before breastfeeding and it certainly doesn't bother my son in the slightest when he is feeding. It does take a while to be absorbed into the skin though, so I would recommend using breast pads to protect your clothing straight after use ... although if you feed straight afterwards, it will have the added benefit of giving your baby lovely hydrated skin on his cheeks (just make sure you use both breasts or you'll see the difference, he'll have one red flaky cheek and one hydrated cheek !!)

This is an absolute lifesaver for new breastfeeding mums and should be added to the standard list of things to pack for the hospital !

star rating : 5/5 (I'd give it more if I could !!)

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