Saturday 8 August 2009

Funky Junk Jewellery

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend but that's so boring ! I'd much rather stand out from the crowd and have something a bit more original and individual that really reflects my personality. And Lindsay at Funky Junk has come up with a whole range of designs that really appeal to me. (The fact that they also really appeal to my 8- and 4-year-old daughters probably speaks volumes about my personality too !! ) Coming from someone who doesn't usually like jewellery, that's saying something !

Just browsing through her online store, I fell in love with almost everything I saw ! The fun and funky pendants shaped like shoes, glasses, roller skates, even mini Eiffel towers ! The brooches (forget the images of stuffy Victorian jewellery your granny would wear that the word evokes, these are so funky it hurts !!). The charm braceletes are just so incredibly cute ! OK OK, enough gushing but go and have a look for yourselves and you'll see what I mean.

The website sums up their ethos : "FunkyJunk is obsessed with:
Vintage clothes, Retro patterns, Sparkly things, Shiny stuff, Japanese-inspired prints and characters, printed fabrics, kitsch, cuteness, patterns and textures, russian dolls, pearls, buttons, bows, ribbon, keys, locks, skulls, cupcakes and ROBOTS!!" "IDEAS... If you're browsing the site looking for inspiration, why not try some of our popular search terms in the Product Search box on the site... bling, cameo, vintage, candy, butterfly, anchor, bow, brooch, ribbon, charms, disco, button, cute, disco, fairytale..."

I was more than a little bit excited to be picked recently as a Funky Junk tester and I've just received a gorgeous necklace from them. A photograph will not do it justice, and neither will my words but I'll do my best ! Think flowers, trees and butterflies straight out of the Beatles' Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and you'll be getting somewhere close. Think swirly colourful lollipop trees (or "cabbages on sticks", as my primary school teacher used to call them) straight out of your children's first drawings. Add a gorgeous midnight blue background and a hefty dose of glitter and you'll have a vague idea.

My 8-year-old says she loves it because "it's got glitter absolutely everywhere so the back looks like all the stars in the sky at night. And the colours are really bright and shiny and happy." And that just about sums it up - Funky Junk is the place to go for shiny happy people the world over !


  1. Hi from a fellow FJJ tester! :) Love the blog and looking forward to reading your future reviews.

  2. my daughter would like this!


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