Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Koo-di Pack-It Pushchair Storage and Travel Bag

The Koo-di Pack-It Pushchair Storage and Travel Bag is basically a sturdy black plastic bag, similar to a stronger version of the suit protectors that your suits come home in from the dry cleaners, that can be folded in on itself and zipped up into a handy compact pouch. I use the word compact because it is much smaller than it would be if just folded up but it would still take up quite a lot of space in the average changing bag. Measuring 120 x 35 x 45cm, it is big enough to fit pretty much any pushchair on the market, even the larger "old style" ones. It can be easily closed one-handed with a drawstring, which is very handy. It is also machine-washable but unfortunately cannot be tumble-dried.

The design is well thought-out. The only problem is, I can think of very few (three, in fact !) circumstances in which it would be of use. Namely for transporting a pushchair as luggage on an aeroplane (it even has a luggage tag sewn in), for storing and keeping clean a pushchair long-term in between babies and for protecting the back of your car when bringing home a pushchair that is covered in mud. On a day-to-day basis, it would be more of a hindrance than a help, struggling to get the pushchair in and out of the bag while juggling baby, changing bag and possibly elder siblings ! So, unless you take lots of aeroplanes with a small child, need to pack away a pushchair for a few years or enjoy partaking in cross-country orienteering with a pushchair, you probably won't get a great deal of use out of it !

star rating : 2/5

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