Tuesday 22 September 2009

Russell Grant Baby Horoscope

I don't particularly believe in astrology but when I was offered a personal baby horoscope for Pierre (2 months old), I jumped at the chance ! It's like when people look at your bump and predict whether it'll be a boy or a girl - it's basically a 50-50 chance whether or not it turns out true ! But it's good for a giggle and who knows - if there is something in it, it could give a fascinating glimpse into what is to come when Pierre is a bit older.

Also, this horoscope is specifically written with parents and care-givers in mind and, according to the website, could be a useful tool to improve your parenting skills. "An astro-analysis provides a wonderful tool for you to help a child navigate childhood. It will give you a better understanding of your child and greater knowledge on how to unlock his potential. The report may for instance suggest skills or interests they might enjoy and you could help through supplying him with opportunities to develop these."

I had to email my baby's name, date, time and place of birth - as they say on the website, "a time of birth is crucial to the accuracy of the report", so if you are ordering this as a gift for a friend's baby, doublecheck the information beforehand ! The very next day, Pierre's personal horoscope was awaiting me in my email inbox.

I printed it out - it's about 10 pages, with a nice colourful cover. I skipped over all the "science" bit explaining the position of the stars and planets and what they tell us and the colourful birth chart, which I have to admit I didn't really understand, and moved on to the personality analysis. It's obviously filled in by a computer - about 30 sentences start with his full name, which makes it sound a bit artificial and repetitive! - but it makes really interesting reading.

Some of it is a bit obvious - he'll cry when he needs changing, who'd have thought it !!! - but most of it is really fascinating - he should be artistic, deep, intelligent, an animal-lover, close to his family and friends, always wanting to succeed, but also a bit on the hyperactive side, stubborn and will always test each "no" before obeying. On the plus side, he should tidy his toys and tell his siblings to do as mum and dad said when they don't follow rules !! Now that sounds good to me !

I've known Russell Grant for years on the telly so having the celeb factor makes it all seem more impressive. However, I was surprised that Russell Grant isn't mentioned anywhere at all - no pictures, no personal message, not even his name, anywhere on the horoscope itself or even on the emails. They all come from a lovely man called Kevin and even if he was totally professional and charming, I was a bit put out by this total lack of all things Russell Grant !!

Like I said, I don't really believe it, but it's interesting to look ahead and imagine how he might turn out, just as I enjoy asking the girls what jobs they want to do when they're bigger and how many kids they'll have. It's all a bit of fun and I won't be disappointed or feel cheated if it doesn't actually come true. (There is even a disclaimer saying that it's just a prediction and individuals may not entirely fit the mould.) I have to admit that for the moment, Pierre's personality does fit the description pretty closely but time will tell if this remains true or not.

It's a nice keepsake and as it's sent by email, you can forward copies to the grandparents for them to print out too ! It's bit pricey at £15 though, especially as there is no mention of Russell anywhere at all.

star rating : 4/5

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