Monday 7 September 2009

My Flipper Toothbrush Holders

When I first saw these products on internet, I thought they looked cute, I knew the girls would love them but I couldn't really see how they were any different to any of the other toothbrush toppers we've had, used and discarded in the past.

When they arrived, as predicted, the girls fell in love with the cute animal shapes and bright colours. They immediately ripped them out of the box and that was when I noticed the suckers to fix them to the wall. I inwardly groaned because every time we've ever had anything with suckers, it has never stayed attached to the wall ! But I played along and stuck them to the tiled surface above the sink.

It's actually a great idea for keeping brushes up out of the way. It's more hygienic, and whereas other brush covers without suction pads end up on the side of the sink and then get knocked on the floor, these ones stay clean and tidy - genius ! No more toothpaste stains on the sink, I love it already ! And despite months of previous nagging to put the toothbrushes in the glass and not on the side of the sink that fell on deaf ears, as soon as these Flippers arrived in the bathroom, the girls didn't need reminding at all !

I was also impressed with the automatic mechanism for opening and closing the animals' tummies to put in or take out the toothbrush - and the girls loved it so much they played with it for five minutes non stop !! As it says on the website, it definitely encourages and motivates young children to remember to brush their teeth.

An hour later, I heard a bonk and resignedly went to the bathroom. Sure enough, the suckers hadn't stuck and the toothbrushes and holders had fallen off the wall. I was disappointed because the girls loved them so much, I really wanted them to work. So I persevered, this time moistening the suckers before sticking them to the tiles and - bingo ! - this time they stayed on all night and are still stuck fast as I type. Looking at the website this morning, I notice that it does tell you to moisten the suckers before sticking them to the wall (or glass). I didn't notice that on the packaging so don't forget or you'll be unimpressed !

I get a feeling these new animal friends will be permanent fixtures in our bathroom now !

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £4.95

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