Sunday 27 September 2009


The Gro-Clock is made by the same company that makes the Grobag baby sleeping bags, so they are already a company that I know and trust. The Grobags were in fact the only product of theirs that I was aware of, but they could actually be classed as baby/child sleep experts, selling everything you could possibly need in the night time nursery - cot duvets, Gro Anywhere blackout blinds, Gro Egg colour-changing room thermometer/nightlight ...

The Gro-clock is an ingenious clock designed for children who can't yet tell the time, so that they instantly know whether or not it is time to get up. In the daytime - and the great thing here is that you determine what time that is !!! -its cheerful yellow sun face shows children that they can get out of bed without getting told off by mummy and daddy !! When it's bedtime, the sun is replaced by a blue sleeping moon face, which glows gently so the clock doubles up as a nightlight. You can choose the intensity of the glow, depending on how much light your child wants.

At the moment, while our loft conversion is underway, 8-year-old Sophie and 4-year-old Juliette are sharing a bedroom. So even if Sophie can tell the time and is too old for a nightlight, she has been sharing in the Gro Clock testing ! She likes the fact that you can instantly tell if it's too early to get up by glancing at the colour of the clockface instead of rummaging around for her glasses and turning on her bedside lamp to see the time on her normal clock.

Juliette loved the stars that count down the hours to wake-up time throughout the night. And she really enjoyed reading the lovely story-book that comes with the clock and features "her" clock in it. It's become a regular part of her bedtime routine.

The important question is, does it work ? And I'd have to say yes, it does. The girls still wake up early but they know that it's too early to make noise and wake up everybody else who is asleep -we have an agreement on being allowed to play when there's one star left, but any more than that, they have to try to go back to sleep. They seem to love the extra responsibility and Juliette has been proudly telling people that she can "tell the time" now like her big sister.

It is pricey, but it's a brilliant concept, the friendly sun and moon characters really appeal to young children and it does have the added extras of the storybook and doubling up as a nightlight. For older children, it can be transformed into a digital clock with an audible alarm, but we haven't tested those functions yet. That extends the period of time you can use it for though, so it's quite a good investment.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £39.99

For more information or to buy online, go to

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