Thursday, 10 September 2009

FRUBI Shades Children’s Sunglasses

These days, nobody in their right mind would allow their kids to go out in the sun without slapping on some high factor suncream, because we all know about the risks of skin cancer. We also all know that protecting our children's eyes from the harmful effects of the sun is just as important, but that one can be a bit more tricky to deal with ! First of all, you have to convince your child to actually agree to wear them and not keep taking them off. Secondly, once they're feeling cooperative, you have to find a way of actually making them stay on their face and not fall off every time they move ! And kids move and run and jump about a lot !

Frubi Shades deal with both of those problems instantaneously. The soft foamy mousse material is very comfortable to wear and the choice of funky colours and patterns will appeal to the most fashion-conscious toddlers. Even the boys will love black pirate design !

The velcro-fastening on the wraparound band can be adjusted to find the perfect fit and the glasses can then be pulled on and off without undoing them every time so it's foolproof, even for tiny fingers. They fit so snugly that they even stayed on when my daughters starting doing handstands while wearing them !

The age range is supposed to be 6 months - 6 years but Sophie, aged 8, didn't want to be left out so she wore them too. She said they were really comfortable and soft and they were funny because they make you look googly-eyed ! They're also very resistant - Juliette, aged 4, was bending them inside out, putting them in her (doggy-shaped !) handbag over and over again, leaving them lying on the floor (the only bad thing is the material seems to be irresistible to puppies so keep them well out of chewing-range !) and they were not scratched or damaged in any way. They passed the rough and tumble test with flying colours !

Despite being fun and funky, they have been designed and tested by ophthalmologists so they do offer serious protection. They will definitely be a permanent fixture in my beach bag from now on, right next to the sun cream and baseball caps !

star rating : 4,5/5

price : $9.99 (approximately £6)

Sophie and Juliette modelling the Black Pirate and Baby Blue Butterflies Frubis


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