Tuesday 9 February 2010

Method Kitchen Sprays

The title of this blog post isn't actually totally accurate. You can use these sprays wherever you like and, in fact, they're so lovely that you'll probably want to - but most of the time, ours are used in the kitchen, so it made a short snappy title !

Firstly, if you've read the other review I've just posted about Method Baby Squeaky Green Hair & Body Wash, you're probably thinking "Eh ? A baby product company that makes cleaning products ? That can't be right !". Well, it was the opposite for me - I knew them for their eco-friendly cleaning products before I discovered their baby products, but despite my initial reservations, I love them. We may say Jack of all trades, master of none but Method, despite having their fingers in numerous pies, manage to deliver the goods whatever they're producing.

So back to the sprays.

First up was the all purpose pink grapefruit spray. They perfectly sum up what attracts me to this product on their website : " No one holds their breath when slicing a grapefruit - we don't think you should have to when you clean either. And pink is a nice colour." Now I know that the colour has no effect on the cleaning power and that the main aim of a cleaning product isn't to look pretty, but if they're offering a pretty-coloured product that makes me smile every time I use it then why not ?! Now I love the smell of grapefruit and the fragrance of this spray doesn't disappoint, it really does smell natural and authentic. The only thing I found slightly disappointing is that I would have liked a stronger scent that lasted longer and packed a more powerful zesty punch.

Cleaning wise, as an all-purpose cleaner, it does the job just fine. I use it all over the house whenever things need a quick freshen up, on tables, sinks, kids toys, even Pierre's high-chair. I love the fact that I can use it on things that he will come into contact with and not stress over harsh chemicals or toxic ingredients. As they say on the website, "It is not necessary to rinse a surface after using method's products since the formulas are non-toxic, non-hazardous and safe. With the spray cleaners, simply spray and wipe." If you're planning on shifting cooked-on grease, for example on a kitchen hob, you'll need a stronger product or a lot of elbow grease, but for everyday "top up cleaning", it works perfectly and leaves your home smelling fresh and naturally clean.

Having just said that I love products with big "in your face" fragrances, I am absolutely in love with the Cinnamon Bark Countertop Cleaner. It smells absolutely divine - think Christmas, warm home-baked apple pies, logs crackling on an open fire ... - and its fragrance is much stronger than the pink grapefruit one. I've never cleaned my countertops so much in my life as I have since having this bottle in my cupboard ! Even Sophie says it smells gorgeous and how many cleaning products get 8-year-olds excited ?! My one huge regret is that this is a limited edition fragrance that won't be available until (I hope) next Christmas. It's only the start of February and half of my bottle has gone already so I might have to start rationing it soon to make it last as long as possible ! Apart from the smell, it cleans really well too. The bottle says it can be used safely "on any surface that water alone won't harm" and it's used all over my kitchen, even on the big wooden chopping board. Just writing about it has made me want to go and clean my kitchen now and that's pretty amazing !
star rating : 4/5 for the grapefruit all purpose cleaner and 5/5 for the cinnamon bark countertop cleaner

RRP : £3


  1. The method multi-purpose cleaner is the ONLY cleaning fluid my husband has ever felt strongly enough to comment on to me. That is a VERY good sign - recommended by real Dads!

  2. Cheryl my local co-operative store sells "method" stuff and you blogs has made me try some excellent products !!


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