Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Method Baby Squeaky Green Hair & Body Wash

The first thing that leapt out at me with this product was the packaging. The green lid is a really handy rinsing cup, absolutely perfect for helping wash away the suds and play with baby in the bath. It's just the right size, rounded so that there are no sharp edges if you accidentally bonk him on the bonce, has a flat bottom so you can stand it up on the size of the bath and has a little finger hole so you can juggle baby, babywash and rinsing cup with minimum fuss. The only slight downside is that once you've removed the lid, the tub containing the product suddenly looks much smaller than you expected when you saw it on the supermarket shelves, but it does contain 236ml which is about the same as a big normal-shaped bottle.

So what does it contain exactly ? Well, according to the website : "The super gentle baby cleaners in this hair and body wash are made from natural ingredients like sunflower seed oil, coconut oil and corn sugars. Combined with extracts of rice milk, mallow and olive oil, they ensure tear-free and hypo-allergenic cleaning. Doesn't contain any dirty ingredients like numbing agents, phthalates or parabens." Blimey, does that mean that other similar products DO contain numbing agents then ? The mind boggles !

The bottle promises it is gentle, tear-free, 99% plant-derived, paediatrician-tested and hypo-allergenic. I can certainly vouch for the tear-free bit because Pierre always ends up getting some in his eyes when I rinse him off and apart from spluttering a bit when the water goes up his nose, he doesn't say a word (which is normal, because he can't talk yet, but you get my drift) ! It's also definitely a very mild product suitable for sensitive skin because it doesn't irritate or dry out his skin at all.

My one little criticism is that it doesn't look very nice. 8-year-old Sophie summed it up when I squirted some into my palm with the handy pump dispenser and she said "Ewwww it looks like you've got a bad cold and you just sneezed in your hand" ! Well, it's true - but once you've mixed it in with the water, it produces reassuring white lather ! And I'd rather have a slightly iffy coloured product than one packed with chemicals anyway. You don't get oodles of bubbles, just a creamy lather, but it does leave baby's skin feeling ultra soft and moisturised. It smells lovely - presumably of rice milk and mallow - and isn't overly floral or girly. It actually smells very relaxing so I'll be tempted to use it on myself in the shower too !

Yet again, Method have convinced me with a great product and a wonderful mentality : "We think babies should never come into contact with anything yucky, so we create products as naturally perfect as we can." It can't get better than that !

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £5


  1. gentle, tear-free, 99% plant-derived, paediatrician-tested and hypo-allergenic is just what it says its brilliant and leaves the hair amazingly soft

  2. I absolutely love this stuff. I had been using a baby soap on my little one but it gave her dry skin. Since using this, it has almost cleared up. Lov it.


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