Monday 8 February 2010

New Covent Garden - ‘Heart Warming Soup’ in support of National Heart Month

If you fancy doing your good deed for the day, eat a bowl of soup ! It sounds strange but by buying New Covent Garden's Soup of the Month, you'll be doing just that because you'll be helping to raise vital funds for the British Heart Foundation. February is the British Heart Foundation’s National Heart Month - a nationwide fundraising and awareness campaign to fight against heart disease - and New Covent Garden Food Co. have come up with a specially dedicated February Soup of the Month called "Heart Warming Soup". They're hoping to raise £10,000 for the British Heart Foundation, which is a pretty amazing target.

OK, nice idea - but what does the soup actually taste like ? In their own words, "Brimming with natural goodness, this mouth-watering fresh soup, based upon a rustic Ratatouille recipe, contains a host of nutritious vegetables including juicy plum tomatoes, chunky red peppers, courgettes and aubergines, not only providing you with a tasty way towards getting your 5-a-day but also the perfect start to following the British Heart Foundation’s BEAT code which recommends that people Eat healthily as well as Be active, Avoid smoking and Take the lifestyle check." Sounds delicious ? Well it is. I sampled some last night and it tastes just like homemade soup. (You might want to point out to your kids that being based on a Ratatouille recipe doesn't mean it's got mouse in it though !)

If you're shaking your head going "oooh no, I don't really like soup", give this a go - it's nothing like the watery, tasteless powdered or tinned soups you can buy in the supermarkets. In fact, like all of New Covent Garden's soups, it's so fresh, it has to be kept chilled so you'll have to toddle off to the refrigerated aisle of the supermarket to find some. The soups contain all natural ingredients and are free from artificial additives and preservatives and you really can taste the difference. You know, just by looking at it, that this soup is really good for you - and it tastes really nice too, which is a bonus !

New Covent Garden Food Co.’s Heart Warming Soup will only be available during February 2010, so get in quick. Although, on their website, they do say that - even if it is best served fresh - you can freeze it for up to a month so you could stash a few in the freezer to eat next month.

Although by then, they will have come up with a brand new delicious soup of the month to tempt you with !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £1.99


  1. I am waiting for the Heart Warming Soup , I will get in quick. I knew that we can freeze it for up to a month so you could stash a few in the freezer to eat next month. now give me some Covent Garden review

  2. I will get in quick


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