Saturday 27 February 2010

Giveaway #4 - Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief Nintendo DS game - CLOSED - winners Deidre & Ellagirl

How about that then ? Two giveaways this week ! And I get the feeling this is going to be a popular one !

Last week, I reviewed the new film tie-in game from Activision, Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief. You can read that review here.

If you'd like to get your hands on your own copy, I have two to give away. To enter, just answer these two easy peasy questions.

1. Name any character (god, hero, monster, ...) from Greek mythology.
2. Name a famous person (real or fictional - might help if you watch Eastenders !) who has the surname Jackson - you might even get a bonus entry if your own surname is Jackson !

You can also get up to two bonus entries - one for retweeting this competition on twitter and another one for leaving me a comment on any one of my reviews. Don't forget to leave me an extra comment here to tell me you've done it and where so I count your extra entries.

Put your answers and bonus entries in the comments box along with a way of contacting you if you win (email, twitter name or sign in)

UK only. Closing date : Monday 8th March 2010


  1. Hey Cheryl - I guess I'm first in :)

    1. Zeus - the king of the gods
    2. Samuel L Jackson - the man!

    I have also RT'd (DinkumAussie2) and I have commented on your Pens Envy post ;)

  2. 1. Venus - goddess of love and desire
    2. The Jackson 5 (do I get 5 entries for that one? :P )


  3. Looks a great game :)

    1. Zeus - the king of the gods
    2. Samuel L Jackson - the man!

  4. Would love this game :)

    1. Aphrodite (Goddess of love - just like me!).
    2. Michael Jackson (most famous Jackson according to Emma).
    Tweeted Comp

    Commented on Pampers Underjams Pyjama Pants review.

  5. 1. Zeus - the king of the gods
    2. carol jackson


  6. 1. Zeuss
    2. Robbie Jackson (Wellard Jackson?)

    Have RT too - @cheekychicken24

  7. Oooh this would go well with my son's birthday present.

    1. Uranus - god of the sky - yes he really is!
    2. Latoya Jackson

  8. Uranus *sniggers* Greek God of the Sky
    Bianca Jackson (now Butcher)

    Thanks all of us would love to play this, but my son has it on his birthday list so please add me.



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