Thursday, 19 April 2018

Celebrating National Pet Month with L.O.L Surprise Pets (review)

Did you know that April is National Pet Month? The lovely people at L.O.L Surprise did because they sent us a fabulous animal-themed package, containing chocolate paw print lollies, some cool cookie cutters and a  L.O.L Surprise Pet.

These Series 3 L.O.L Surprise Pets look just like the other L.O.L Surprise balls in the range, except they are yellow with a paw print design on the packaging.

You can tell from the blurry photo how eager Juliette was to get stripping off the layers. No time to hang about here setting up the perfect shot !

As with the usual LOL Surprise balls, the first layer revealed a sticker with an enigma to give you a clue about the identity of the doll or pet hiding inside. Juliette thought it was very funny that it was Friday 13th when she opened the ball and that date was part of the clue ! How's that for a freaky coincidence ?!

While Juliette continued gaily stripping off the layers of plastic, I had a quick look at the collector's guide inside the ball. There are lots of cats and dogs, as well as a couple of other animals that look like rabbits and guinea pigs or mice (actually, looking at the names, they must be hamsters), which follow the same concept of groups as the  L.O.L Surprise dolls, including the ultra rare Glitterati.

Back to Juliette, who by now had uncovered four little bags, as well as the usual sticker sheet.

The inside of the ball can be used as a little play area or bath tub, so that you can discover which water surprise your pet will have - will it wee, spit, cry or change colour?

Enough suspense - time to rip open those bags and discover the treasures inside !

We found a poop scoop, water bottle and accessory (little Polaroid type camera) to go with the two stickers, taking our number of surprises up to five. As with regular LOL Surprise dolls, there are seven surprises to reveal so what's left?

Well, obviously, the main event - the cute little critter itself ! We got a bunny called Jitter Critter, which is one of the Fancy ones.

The final element to look at is the litter tray, filled with a squishy Super Sand type material. You can use the lid to imprint a LOL Surprise logo and little paw prints in it.

Juliette starting scraping away with the poop scoop and - aha, here's the final surprise !

A necklace ! You can squish the sand back together and mould it in or out of the litter tray for extra playability.

Any LOL Surprise fan will be over the moon to add cute animal friends to their collection and we particularly liked the added surprise of digging for treasure in the litter tray. (Not something I would recommend in real life though !)

Series 3 includes 36 pets to collect and they're guaranteed to make any LOL Surprise fan very happy.

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Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.

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