Wednesday 15 May 2019

Madhouse recipe : Caramel apple pie

The other day, I looked in the fruit bowl and discovered several apples that were on their last legs. Hmmmm what could I make to use them up? In the end, Pierre wanted to help with the preparation so I just went for a very quick apple pie, using up various odds and ends from the kitchen cupboard and the fridge. It was a rush job but came out absolutely delicious - definitely one to make again ! As I wasn't planning on blogging about it, I didn't complain when Pierre put the pastry in off-centred, so apologies for the weird shape !

Caramel apple pie

ingredients :

a sheet of puff pastry
4-5 apples
half a jar of crème de caramel (salted caramel spread)
a little icing sugar

Lay the sheet of puff pastry in a baking tin. We left the greaseproof paper in the bottom for an easier clean up. As you can see, ours didn't go in very straight !

I popped it in the oven to pre-cook while the oven was warming up. Rummaging through the cupboards, I found a jar of salted caramel spread, which had been brought back from Brittany then abandoned in the cupboard.

Spoon about a quarter to half a jar of sauce into the bottom of the pie crust. It was runnier than I expected but good enough.

Peel and slice the apples and lay them in a spiral design on top of the caramel.

Bake for about half an hour, until the pastry has gone golden brown and crusty and the apple slices are soft when stabbed with a knife. Sprinkle over a little icing sugar, once it has cooled down. Tuck in, with extra whipped cream or ice cream, if you're feeling particularly decadent. The caramel sauce goes runny and the saltiness totally complements the sweetness of the apples. Hmmmm !

This was a great way of clearing out odds and ends from the kitchen so I'll add it to the next #KitchenClearout linky (when I actually get around to publishing it !)


  1. It sounds as yummy as it looks, I think the pastry looks great the way Pierre has put it, the caramel with apples sound divine xx

  2. Pierre must instinctively know that crooked pastry leaves nice crunchy bits on the side! It looks absolutely delicious and just shows what can be created using food that is past its best. Environmentally, it is really important that we all do this more often.

  3. I thought you wanted it shaped like a big leaf, it looks rustic and delicious. Beautiful flavours!

    1. Ahh that sounds like a great excuse for next time ! :)

  4. Oh wow, this looks delicious

  5. This looks so nice, caramel and apple are a great combination.

  6. this pie has just made my mouth water


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