Monday, 9 September 2019

What's Cooking at The Madhouse? menu plan 2019 week #37

I ended up buying way too much food last week - I'm adjusting to being one family member down, now that Sophie is off at college and it does make a big difference ! - so I haven't actually gone shopping for this week's food yet. I may even make it through the week without topping up if I'm lucky. We're settling back into a routine with Pierre coming home for lunch rather than going for school dinners so I need to keep leftovers in the fridge for the kids.


dinner - leftovers from yesterday : I ended up making a pork stir fry with baby sweetcorn and mangetout, plus some BBQ sauce (it tasted much better than it sounds !) with rice


dinner - sausages, mash & beans


lunch - spaghetti carbonara

dinner - I have a marrow that was given to me but I don't know what to do with it - any suggestions? So far, I'm planning on a stuffed marrow bake (the kids can always opt for leftovers if they hate it !)


dinner - I think I'll be eating leftover marrow for the next few nights (!) but I have some chicken nuggets if needed for the kids, with pasta maybe?


dinner - baked potatoes with cheese, beans, bacon ... these were on last week's plan but never got made as we were using up leftovers


lunch - McDonald's or similar

dinner - bacon fillets (they look like gammon) with mash and veg (or whatever may be in the fridge that needs using up)


lunch - marinaded chicken (maybe tomato & herb?) with rice & veg

dinner -  sandwiches or fridge clearout 

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  1. I bought too much food too. I was so used to feeding the kids during the day over the summer. lol
    Ahh! Sausage, mash and beans is such a fab meal. One of my favourites.
    Great meal plan x

    1. It takes a while to get back into routine ! I still have it in my brain that I'm cooking for five and now, we're just three so we often have way too much ! :-/

  2. Ooh I love the idea of a stuffed marrow bake - sounds really good!

    Thanks for linking up and I hope you have a great week ahead x

  3. Stuffed marrow is lovely, i was given one once, did a mince base and then a cheese sauce on top it was lovely but a lot of work hahaha

    1. Ooh cheese sauce - that sounds like a great addition :)

  4. Lovely of someone to give you a marrow but I find them very bland and watery. On the rare occasions I buy one, I either put it in a homemade mixed vegetable soup or I scoop out the centre, fry some mushrooms and onions, stuff the marrow with the mushroom mixture and throw over some cheesy breadcrumbs before baking.

    1. Cheesy breadcrumbs sounds like a great addition too :)

  5. Sounds delicious this week, I have never tried marrow before, how did it go?

    1. Umm I'm not even sure it was a marrow - even the woman who gave it to me wasn't sure !! It was just like a giant courgette, in terms of taste and look, so it was OK but quite bland. The kids didn't like it, which was predictable ! I'll be blogging my recipe shortly :)


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