Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Muso DJ, The Music Playlist Party Game review

If you're desperately looking for a Christmas gift that "hits the right note" (apologies for the bad joke !), how about Muso DJ, The Music Playlist Party Game ? It's a game that we had never heard of before, but it's actually great fun and is perfect for setting the mood, maybe on Boxing Day or New Year's Eve.

The game invites you to scroll through your favourite music app, play amazing songs and help others guess the secret playlist category. You can use a music streaming service such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music or even YouTube. This instantly means that it will be a big hit with tweens, teens and twenty-somethings, but the whole family can join in.

When it's your turn to play, grab a playlist card and choose a song or artist that relates to your category. There are some varied choices available and while some are quite simple, others will have you scratching your head. Here are some randomly selected themes to give you an idea - while Sounds of the 80's or Get This Party Started are pretty self explanatory, you may have to be a bit clever to find links to Trains, Planes & Automobiles or The Sun Or The Moon.

The other players will win points if they can guess the artist, the song title and the playlist category. You can also win extra points (and get the party started !) by picking a "Sing" card. The first to 35 points wins the game, but that's easier said than done !

The game includes 150 playlist cards, 100 bonus cards and 20 sing cards and is suitable for players aged 12 years and over.

RRP : £19.99

Available from Amazon, John Lewis, Waterstones and Argos online.

Disclosure : I received the product in order to write an honest review.

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