Sunday 8 December 2019

What's Cooking at The Madhouse? menu plan 2019 week #50

This week is going to be busy with a capital B. I have a meeting on Monday (only an hour or so but I need to hang around at work for it to start, so I won't get out of there until 7.30pm), then on Tuesday and Thursday, it's the parent-teacher evenings, so I won't get to leave school until at least 8/8.30pm. Hopefully, the kids will be able to deal with getting food ready, so I've stocked up on pizzas and other simple things to cook. While we have another two weeks to go until we're on holiday, Sophie breaks up in the middle of next week, so she'll be coming home from Thursday onwards - maybe she'll cook dinner ?! ;-)


lunch - we've been invited to dinner with some friends - apparently, there's lasagne on the menu ! :)

dinner -  I can cook if anyone's hungry, but we often settle on sandwiches or toast on Sunday nights. Maybe cheese on toast ? We'll see ! We'll be going to the Christmas Parade so we may want something to warm us all up.


dinner - sweet & sour chicken with rice


dinner - pepperoni pizza (will there be any left when I finally get home ?!)


lunch - smoked sausages with mash & beans

dinner - meatballs with tomato sauce & ebly


dinner -  spaghetti bolognese


dinner - Sophie will undoubtedly be making a list of all the things she absolutely wants to eat so I'll let her choose !


lunch - our regular Saturday lunchtime fast food trip ! Probably McDonalds as usual, unless Sophie wants to go somewhere special.

dinner - sandwiches, quiche & salads

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  1. Definitely ask Sophie to help. Your week sounds exhausting, with all the after school meetings. They could all take turns cooking for you, now that Pierre has mastered several recipes. :)

  2. Gosh you have a busy week. Our school has changed our parents evenings so they are earlier - but still exhausting x

    1. Our parent-teacher evenings are usually earlier too, don't know why they changed this year. Putting them back-to-back with the end of term meetings is not a good idea though - we're all knackered ! Can't wait for the holidays !

  3. It does sound like a busy week for you.
    It sounds like a great week of meals. I hope there's some pizza left for you on Tuesday x

  4. Sounds like a nice week of meals! I hope there is some pizza left for you! Thanks for linking up and hope you're having a great week.

  5. Tasty and delicious - love pizza too

  6. Did you get any pizza? fab menu for the week, once again i didnt make one this week


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