Monday, 16 March 2020

What's Cooking At The Madhouse ? menu plan week 12

Some things didn't get made last week, partly because I had an unexpected late night at work (luckily a quick pizza fit the bill - that is why there is usually one lurking in the fridge, for emergencies or Saturday nights !) and then because Pierre was feeling poorly, so things are being relisted this week that didn't get made last week because we had too many leftovers to use up. But that is all good, as the biggest change this week is, schools are closed as from Monday so I'm back on to providing two meals a day. Should be fun ! I've been hunting out the recipes that I've highlighted to try out recently. :)


lunch- Proven├žal chicken with rice & cauliflower cheese

dinner- I have a work meeting from 4.30pm-8pm (unless it's cancelled due to coronavirus measures ?) so leftovers probably (there's some chicken gyros from yesterday plus leftovers from lunch probably)


lunch- chicken with mushrooms, Ebly and leftover cauliflower cheese

dinner- Pepperoni Pizza Hamburger Helper - or something vaguely based on this recipe anyway (it sounds like a souped-up spaghetti bolognese to me !)


lunch- battered fish, mash & carrots

dinnerAmatriciana chicken traybake (chicken thighs, new potatoes, tomatoes and bacon)


lunch- chicken burgers with chips and coleslaw (assuming they will still have frozen chips and coleslaw in Lidl, if not I'll have to improvise !)

dinner- another meeting (4.30 -8pm) so I'm guessing the kids will have pigged out on leftovers by the time I get home !


lunch- cheese ham croissants with coleslaw/salad

dinner - chicken casserole, based on this recipe for
creamy chicken casserole topped with crushed Ritz crackers, with baked potatoes


lunch-  spare ribs with rice & coleslaw

dinner- leftovers


lunch- roast chicken (or whatever they have in stock), roast potatoes & veg

dinner-pepperoni pizza or leftovers

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  1. All sounds lovely and i do love a roast chicken,

  2. I hope everything goes OK with the schools being closed.
    Great meal plan. The Pepperoni Pizza Hamburger Helper sounds interesting and I love the sound of the Amatriciana chicken traybake x

    1. Fingers crossed, the kids are up for trying some new recipes. :) We're clearing out the baking cupboard too - have to find something to do, now that we're all officially on lockdown. Eek !


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