Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Popcorn Shed review

With travel plans being vastly reduced this summer and outdoor time limited when the crowds get too big to feel safe, we've been looking at ways to enjoy a staycation at home. We've bought a fairly big pool for the patio that Juliette and Pierre have been loving, we've started a big overhaul/revamp of the house (the to-do list is finally starting to get smaller - phew !) and, in the evenings, we all settle down to watch a film or a series on Netflix together. Well, you can't have a film night without popcorn, can you ?!

Luckily, Popcorn Shed recently sent us over a big selection of their tasty treats for us to sample. Our first reaction was wow ! They have so many surprising, weird and wacky flavours that we couldn't wait to taste them. We're used to the usual sweet, salty or, if we're feeling really wacky, sweet AND salty flavours, but Popcorn Shed gave us options we'd never even considered.

We started off with their Mini Pop! range, which initially confused me. How do you get mini popcorn? Well, there is an explanation on their website : "Japanese hulless popcorn is an older variety of corn grown with pure heirloom, non-hybrid popcorn seeds. The crop produces smaller kernels, about half the size of regular popcorn, known for their distinctive nutty flavour and crunchy texture. The kernels are smaller than typical corn kernels. Due to their tiny size and fragile nature, these “micro” kernels found in Mini Pop!® rapidly break down during the cooking process, and virtually disintegrate when chewed, improving the eating experience. Customers have commented that the hulls do not get stuck in their teeth and it is easier to digest, being kinder on tummies." Aaah, that makes sense !

 We received some of the more "basic" flavour options of Mini Pop!, starting off with Sea Salt (20g) and Sweet & Salty (28g). I wasn't expecting to be blown away by these basics, but they are actually very tasty. We swiftly moved on to the more exciting flavours, sampling Toffee (28g - lovely and sweet with a butterscotch flavour), Salt & Vinegar (22g - perfectly zingy for the ultimate savoury option), and White Truffle (22g - a surprising choice. The kids weren't huge fans but grown-up gourmets will undoubtedly love this sophisticated flavour). All of the Mini Pop! options are suitable for vegans and also low calorie (94 - 138 calories per pack).

Now, I have to say, moving on to the Gourmet favours, I was glad that we'd started with the Mini Pop! range. While we loved trying those flavours, we got even more enthusiastic when tucking into the remaining selection. The popcorn is big (especially when compared to the Mini Pop!), brash and absolutely mouth-wateringly delicious ! Whether you want a sweet or a savoury snack, the choice is yours and each of our family members had their own personal favourites. Some of the descriptions had me thinking they would taste disgusting, but they actually work surprisingly well. 

We started off with Say Cheese, which offers a rich and creamy mature cheddar flavour. The tangy, sharp flavour is my personal favourite. I was intrigued to try Sweet Cheesus next - a mind-boggling mix of rich, buttery caramel and aged cheddar cheese! Well, surprisingly, this does actually taste good. The cheese and caramel offer a sweet/salty combination which certainly wakes up your taste buds and makes them do a little dance of joy ! I still prefer the Say Cheese though. Berry-Licious is another pairing of opposites, with tart raspberries and smooth, rich, dark chocolate providing a sweet, creamy undertone. Delicious. I was intrigued by the name Butterly Nuts and went to investigate -  "a rich creamy peanut butter caramel with nutty notes, topped with real peanut halves for an irresistible crunch". This is as good as it sounds and I felt like I'd been indulging in a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup with an extra topping of crunchy nuts. Totally delicious !

Our favourites, though, were (unsurprisingly) the ones that combined the texture of popcorn with the rich flavours of delectable, calorie-packed desserts. The Salted Caramel Gourmet Popcorn already sounded like a winner, then we discovered that it also includes Belgian chocolate - it's as lovely as it sounds. Yum ! Pop 'n' Choc combines chocolate with a rich caramel base - imagine eating a Mars Bar alongside a bag of popcorn ! Finally, with extra points for originality, Pecan Pie Gourmet Popcorn combines smooth caramel popcorn with a topping of pecans for a crunchy, decadent treat. Other flavours that are available include Goats Cheese, Cherry Bakewell and Vegan Caramel. Imagine Willy Wonka branching out into popcorn and you wouldn't be far wrong !

A special mention for the packaging - if you're avoiding taking a break at the seaside in these uncertain times, lining up the boxes side on will give you a lovely view of colourful beach huts, perfect for imagining you're sitting on the beach with the wind floating through your hair and the seagulls squawking in your ears ! (It's actually supposed to represent the official Popcorn (garden) Shed where the product was first made.)

star rating : 5/5

for more information : www://

Also available at Ocado, Amazon, Selfridges and Harrods.

RRP : Mini Pops ! 89p, Gourmet Snack Pack £1.09, Shed (sharing box) £2.99

Disclosure : We received the product in order to share our honest review.


  1. 5 stars from me too love the taste

  2. Sounds amazing and I love that packaging - it's such a cool idea!!!

  3. What a lovely selection of flavours they have, I would be struggling to choose which to try!

  4. I love popcorn and what fantastic flavours too.The colours of the packaging stick out too, so I will be looking for these in the shops


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