Monday, 24 August 2020

What's Cooking At The Madhouse ? menu plan week 34

Last week we stuck completely to the plan ... except for the pad thai sauce which tasted disgusting so we switched to sweet soy sauce at the last minute ! This week is Sophie's last week at home, so I am predicting lots of last minute changes as she remembers things that she hasn't eaten for ages or decides she needs a final trip to her favourite foodie places !


lunch- fishfingers / chicken gyros with rice (Pierre doesn't like chicken gyros so he can use up the last few fishfingers)

dinner - chicken casserole with carrots, onions, potatoes


lunch- tacos

dinner- creamy pork chops with pasta


lunch- chicken burgers in buns with chips

dinner- Stuffed tomatoes with pesto rice (for me and Sophie) / breaded chicken (for Juliette & Pierre) with rice or leftover pasta


lunch- homemade sausage rolls with mash, peas & carrots

dinner-  mac & cheese, quite possibly with some added bacon if I'm feeling nice !


lunch- chicken fajitas

dinner - cottage pie


lunch- possibly a trip to McDonald's, if not I have some bolognese-filled chicken fillets (we usually get the cheese and ham-filled ones but Sophie is intolerant so we'll give these a try) with ... hmmm not sure rice, potatoes or pasta !

dinner- I think we'll have leftovers of cottage pie to use up


lunch- cassoulet pie with mash & veg

dinner- fridge grazing or garlic bread or toast

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  1. Well done for sticking to the meal plan. Oh no! I bet you will be sad to see Sophie go. Enjoy your time together.
    Great meal plan. x

  2. Bolognese chicken fillets sound AMAZING! So tasty! Enjoy your week and thanks for linking up x


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