Monday, 3 August 2020

What's Cooking At The Madhouse ? menu plan week 31

Wow, what a week ! We stuck to the plan for pretty much all of our meals, except for when it was just too hot and we settled for garlic bread or cheese on toast to nibble on. This week's menu involves using up what is already in the fridge, then I'll need to go shopping on about Tuesday, so I'm looking through my bookmarked recipes to see what appeals. Hopefully they'll have whatever I need in the shop when I finally make it !


lunch- chicken stir fry, with noodles and onions/peppers/carrots/mangetout, plus sweet soy sauce

dinner - chilli con carne with rice (& maybe some guacamole on the side - the kids are obsessed with the stuff at the moment - not sure if we have any avocados left now though !)


lunch-  Lemon & thyme chicken with ebly & veg (green beans? carrots?)

dinner- Wraps filled with leftovers (chilli or chicken) & salad


lunch- Pioneer Woman Baked Swedish Meatballs with mash (based on this recipe)

dinner- Bacon & tomato stew with cheese dumplings (based on this recipe)


lunch- Meatball subs (based on this recipe), to use up leftover meatballs, with wedges

dinner-  chicken & sausage pie with mash & veg


lunch- Jamie Oliver's Hit 'n' Run Traybaked Chicken (using this recipe) with couscous

dinner - BBQ Chicken Pasta Bake (using this recipe)


lunch- Leftovers or maybe the kids will want a trip into town (McDonald's ? kebab?)

dinner- Utterly Scrummy Sausage Flan (using this recipe) with salad


lunch- Beef Stew with baby potatoes & carrots

dinner- fridge grazing - or maybe garlic bread, pizza, toast ... there will probably be leftovers too.

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  1. Sounds lovely as always. I really need to start planning ahead. Food bills have been creeping up especially since lockdown

  2. Sounds like another delicious week of meals! Hope you're keeping well x Thanks for linking up too!

  3. Great meal plan.
    I keep meaning to put chilli con carne on our meal plan but I never get around to it. I love the sound of the Bacon & tomato stew and especially the cheese dumplings! Yum! x

  4. SCRUMPTIOUS I'll come over Tuesdays for ny feast


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