Monday, 28 September 2020

What's Cooking At The Madhouse ? menu plan week 39

Last week, the weather was atrocious - cold, rain and wind, non stop for several days. A definite switch to hearty winter warmers was needed and cauliflower cheese went down well, as did baked potatoes and tartiflette, a French dish of baked cheese, onions and potatoes. I think we need more of the same this week - the weather is still looking grim !


lunch- I'll be home earlier today so I said Pierre could choose, as long as it's something quick. Well, Pierre said he wanted fishfingers so fishfingers it is ! I have some leftover rice to use up too, with tomatoes, onions and chickpeas mixed in.

dinner - meatballs with pasta


dinner- fish, rice and green beans


lunch- chicken burgers with potato wedges

dinner- paupiettes with mash & ratatouille


lunch- beefburgers with couscous & leftover ratatouille

dinner- creamy chicken  (maybe a mild curry, if the kids are up for it) with rice


dinner - spaghetti bolognese


lunch- McDonald's probably or whatever's in the fridge

dinner- pizza or whatever I picked up at the supermarket


lunch- chicken casserole with roast potatoes

dinner- sandwiches or toast (or leftovers from the fridge)

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  1. We are back on the winter warmer meals too. I do love this time of year because of the food. hehehe
    Great meal plan.

  2. Ooh I could really eat a fish finger sandwich! Might have to add those to my shopping list.

    Thanks for linking up and I hope you're well x

  3. Sounds like a plan , I love a weekly curry , we always have bolognese

  4. Agree the weather is making for warming meals. Your ones sound super


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