Monday, 12 April 2021

What's Cooking At The Madhouse ? menu plan week 15

We're on holiday - phewwwww ! No plans (well, apart from sorting out the new boiler (which involves checking out all the new government help schemes that have just been launched), getting the garage door fixed and .... something. There is a third job that needs doing but I can't remember what at the moment !) and having a big clean up. Pierre has a new mission - selling all his old toys and clothes on Vinted, a second-hand sale site which is similar to ebay but you set the price and don't have to worry about shipping costs as they deal with that. The only trouble is, he's brought boxes and bags of stuff (big soft toys mainly) downstairs to sell (he wants help deciding on the prices) so I feel like I'm living in a jumble sale at the moment. Not the plan ! Right, let's sort out this week's menu plan. The first half of the week will go to plan, but I'll need to go shopping mid-week, so it depends what they have in stock.


lunch- BBQ-seasoned pork chops, rice & coleslaw

dinner - potato-topped mince hotpot


lunch- grilled ham, mash & veg

dinner- veal in a creamy sauce with mushrooms and pasta


lunch- chicken sausages with rice and leeks au gratin

dinner- spaghetti carbonara


lunch -leftovers for Pierre and Juliette, baked stuffed tomatoes with ebly for me and Sophie

dinner- chilli con carne & rice


lunch- chicken fajitas

dinner - twice baked potatoes with cheese & bacon


lunch- spaghetti bolognese

dinner- chicken spring rolls


lunch- roast dinner

dinner-  cheese on toast or leftovers

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  1. Hooray for the holidays! Good luck with getting the boiler sorted and the garage door fixed. It sounds like Pierre has quite the job, it will keep him busy though. hehehe
    Fab meal plan. Potato topped mince hotpot sounds perfect for today. It's freezing here x

  2. Glad you're having a break! Bravo to Pierre for his business acumen! I keep telling Eddie he should sell his Pokemon and Yu Gi Oh cards, when he's older. :) I want some cheese on toast now.

    1. Pierre has already made himself about €50 - I'm in shock. So now Sophie has started selling her clothes and Pierre is clearing out his cupboards. I'm all for it ! lol


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