Sunday, 18 April 2021

What's Cooking At The Madhouse ? menu plan week 16

Last week was a lovely (and much-needed) lazy week. I didn't do any of the big jobs that I had planned - oh well, I'm off this week too ! We did spend lots of time dashing off to the local parcel depots with all the stuff that Pierre has been selling on Vinted and he's very happy as he's already earned about €70-€80 ! I'm amazed. Not to mention very chuffed at all the extra cupboard space that this is making ! In terms of cooking, last week we stuck to plan completely. I'm watching Jamie Oliver's Comfort Food as I write this menu plan and it's already giving me some good ideas.


lunch- chicken cordon bleu with pasta & veg

dinner - Osso buco with risotto (if I manage to find osso bucco at the shop - if not, I'll adapt the recipe)


lunch- battered fish with leftover pasta/risotto

dinner- meatloaf with mash & veg


lunch- leftover meatloaf with couscous & veg

dinner- chicken kievs (I think I'll give Jamie Oliver's version a go and add bacon to the filling) with rice & veg


lunch - tuna & potato salad

dinner- spaghetti bolognese


dinner - Chinese cashew chicken with rice


lunch- Hamburger gravy with mash & sweetcorn

dinner-I'm trying to convince the kids they love curries so this is a good starting point - butter chicken with rice & salad


lunch- roast chicken, roast potatoes & veg

dinner- toast or leftovers

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  1. I'm glad you had your lazy week. You earned it. It sounds like Pierre is doing great selling on Vinted.
    Great meal plan. Osso Bucco is something I've not heard of before but it sounds delicious and we sometimes have Hamburger gravy or something very similar but haven't called it that before. x

    1. Couldn't find osso bucco at the supermarket so I made the sausage pasta instead - it was gorgeous ! Even had everyone (except Pierre) eating spinach - unbelievable !


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