Sunday, 25 April 2021

What's Cooking At The Madhouse ? menu plan week 17

Last week's meal plan included lots of new recipes from a Jamie Oliver series I was watching and they were all much enjoyed. The meatloaf, the chicken kievs, the sausage pasta and the Chinese cashew chicken have all been re-requested. Even better, the kids got involved with helping me out in the kitchen. Unfortunately, that will come to an end now as we're back to school next week, although we have one more week at home doing online learning before heading back to school. OK, so what's on the menu this week? I've gone looking through old recipes on my blog for this week's inspiration.


lunch- Lemon pepper chicken with rice and veg

dinner - Garlic bread topped sloppy Joes


lunch- Flamiche aux poireaux (Leek tart) with cherry tomatoes & salad (and leftover rice for those who want it) (there should be leftovers if Pierre turns his nose up at leeks !)

dinner- pork chops with mash & veg


dinner- Baked cheese empanadas with rice and cherry tomatoes


lunch - Savoyard pork burgers with pasta & creamed spinach

dinner- Slow cooker BBQ beef with rice & veg


dinner - BBQ beef pies with leftovers from yesterday, boiled potatoes & veg


lunch- spaghetti bolognese

dinner- hmmm maybe time for a Saturday night takeaway ? kebabs or fried chicken (from the same shop so they can choose !)


lunch- roast dinner

dinner- leftover takeaway or fridge grazing

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  1. Good luck with the return to school.
    I love the sound of the Garlic bread topped sloppy Joes. What a great idea and the Baked cheese empanadas sound and look so good too. x

    1. It's great looking back at older recipes and seeing who liked what - one less thing to worry about !

  2. Lovely menu, Cheryl! Glad to hear that the kids helped with cooking! The leek tart sounds tasty, but my picky children won't eat leeks. Will have to check out the cheese empanadas, to see if that would appeal to my family.

    1. I was gobsmacked to see that Juliette loved it - I thought it would be just me and Sophie eating it !


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