Sunday 6 June 2021

What's Cooking At The Madhouse ? menu plan week 23

The weather has been really hot lately, so I'm thinking of planning some more summery food. I bet as soon as I do, it will start raining and get cold again. Oh well, we'll give it a go ! Juliette is now on holiday, Sophie will be as soon as her last assignment is sent in tomorrow and Pierre only has a couple of weeks to go. I'll still be there until the end of the first week of July - I wonder if I can convince the kids to start cooking instead of me ?!


lunch- chicken goujons in breadcrumbs with rice and veg

dinner - spaghetti bolognese (a quick option as I'll be home late from a meeting ... unless the kids have something up their sleeves !)


lunch- I'll be at the school canteen so the kids can fend for themselves

dinner- grilled ham with homemade coleslaw & baked potatoes


lunch- tuna & cherry tomato potato salad (or beefburger & boiled potatoes, for those who don't like tuna)

dinner- oven-baked BBQ chicken with rice & coleslaw


lunch - chicken or pork in a creamy mushroom sauce with pasta

dinner- big mixed salad (with plenty of topping options : boiled eggs, cheese, bacon, goat's cheese, mushrooms, ...)


lunch- I'll be at the canteen so the kids can sort themselves out

dinner - chicken & Boursin in puff pastry with rice & salad


lunch- maybe a takeaway (or maybe there will be leftovers to use up)

dinner- cheese on toast/sandwiches/guacamole/tortilla chips/nibbly things in front of the telly


lunch- sausage & leek mash pie (without the kale - nobody likes it, even me !)

dinner- leftovers (or spaghetti carbonara if everyone's hungry)

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  1. It has been so hot here too which really messed with my meal planning last week. Ahh! So close to you being on the summer holidays. We have about 7 weeks left.
    All your summery meals sound so good. x

  2. You really can't beat a homemade coleslaw can you!

    I hope you can convince the kids to help with the food and have a lovely week, thanks for linking up!


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