Sunday, 27 June 2021

What's Cooking At The Madhouse ? menu plan week 27

Into the final ten days at school but only for me - the Madhouse kids are all off already ! I've got exam invigilation on Monday and Tuesday, then lots of meetings preparing the next school year. I had my second covid jab today, along with Sophie, so hopefully I'll be feeling ok. We didn't stick to much of the plan last week as it was too hot to cook, so we had lots of quick things like bacon sandwiches and hot dogs. As I write this, it's torrential rain outside and thunder is booming in the distance so who knows what the weather will be like this week ! Here's the plan anyway...


lunch- I'll be at work, the kids can go fridge grazing (there should be leftover chipolatas, with mash or rice)

dinner - breaded chicken for the kids, steak for me (and Juliette - she can choose as she likes both) with pasta (or spinach filled potato croquettes for me and Sophie ... and maybe Juliette)


lunch- I'll be at work again - the kids can use up leftover pasta or go fridge/freezer diving

dinner- creamy chicken (or maybe chopped up leftover chipolatas, if there are any left) and leeks with rice


lunch- chicken fajitas with rice, guacamole, sweetcorn, peppers, ...

dinner- creamy potato bake with chicken burgers


lunch - Cajun dirty rice but I think I'll leave out the bacon - I don't think mince and bacon go together, do they ?!


lunch- The kids are home alone again - they can go fridge/freezer diving

dinner Diet coke chicken with rice (& loads of veg in the chicken dish) - I've been wanting to try this for so long !


lunch- There will probably still be leftovers to use up - if not, there's always McDonald's !

dinner- patatas bravas with a fried egg 

dinner- bacon sandwiches

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  1. Ohh! I hope the next week or so of school flies over and everything goes well. Fingers crossed for no side effects after your vaccine.
    Your meals all sound so good. Enjoy the Diet coke chicken, we love it here.

  2. I can't believe the kids break up soon for 6 weeks. This is our first time experiencing it with Freddie and with me working full time.
    Hope you had no side effects fro the vaccine.
    Lovely meal plan. x

  3. You just can't beat a nice McDonalds for an easy lunch can you!
    I hope the week goes well for you!
    Fingers crossed you stay well after your second vaccine x


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