Monday 13 September 2021

What's Cooking At The Madhouse ? menu plan week 38

We're pretty much back into routine and it all seems to be going quite well so far. Weather-wise, it's really hot and humid, so I think I'll stick to summer-type recipes for a while. The winter warmers can hang on for a bit ! Everything from last week worked really well. Pierre absolutely loved the chorizo and bean stew and it's so simple, I've told him he can make it all by himself for lunch, if he likes. The Southern-style chicken was a big hit too and it's convinced me that the kids are ready for me to start adding more spice to the meals - sounds good to me ! Here's this week's plan.


lunch- canteen for me

dinner - creamy mushrooms and chicken with colcannon mash (I'll use leeks instead of cabbage) and peas


lunch- canteen for me


lunch- BBQ minced beef pies with mash & veg


lunchcanteen for me - leftovers for the kids

dinner- chicken fajitas


lunch- tomato, pepper and courgette tart (a Sophie invention that she will make while I'm at work !) with salad

dinner - slow cooker BBQ beef with rice and homemade coleslaw


lunch- McDonald's, probably

dinner- cauliflower cheese for me and Juliette, pasta bake for Pierre and Sophie


lunch- roast chicken, roast potatoes, stuffing and veg

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  1. I am glad you are back into a routine, we are just about there I think we will be by the end of this week. It was really hot here last week but today has felt more Autumnal.
    Great meal plan. I love the sound of the Thai pork meal and the chicken fajitas are one of our favourites x

    1. Chicken fajitas are always a big hit - you really can't go wrong, as everyone grabs whatever they want. We never seem to have enough guacamole though !

  2. Great to have a routine that works for you. Glad to heacr that the kids are more adventurous when it comes to spices now. We had a couple of hot days a week before, but this week is back to cool mornings and evenings. Thai pork, mango and noodle salad sounds a great combination.

    1. It's gone rainy again and cooled down a lot here too - maybe I'll have to drag out the slow cooker !

  3. Routine is going well here too, thankfully!

    BBQ minced beef pies sound very interesting! Have a great week x


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