Sunday, 10 April 2022

What's Cooking At The Madhouse ? menu plan week 15

That's it, we've made it to the holidays - aaahhh ! Time to chill out and catch up on everything that needs doing. Like finishing the wallpaper stripping and repainting of the hallway and stairs - eurghhh ! It'll be good when it's finished but that paper is stuck on with superglue, I think ! Oh well, it'll be good when it's finally done. The girls have a weekend in Antwerp planned, so that they can go and see Louis Tomlinson in concert. Apart from that, I'm in spring cleaning mode - I want to have a big sort out, dejunk the house and tidy up the patio area ready for the warmer weather. That's the plan anyway :) I'm still dejunking the freezer too - there's so much stuff in there hiding at the back that we've forgotten about so it's good to have a clear out.


lunch- fish, ebly & veg

dinner - something in the slow cooker - blanquette de veau (veal stew) with mash & veg maybe? (as long as I remember to get the meat out of the freezer !)


lunch- grilled ham (with an egg on top for those who want it), grilled tomatoes and rice

dinner- Proven├žal chicken with pasta and coleslaw


lunch-  tacos (remember to buy avocadoes for guacamole)

dinner- leftovers


lunchcrispy chicken for the kids/I'll go hunting for salmon or steak in the freezer for me, with homemade potato wedges and the rest of the coleslaw

dinner- Cajun chicken with rice (using a seasoning sachet) 


lunch- pasta with Italian seasoning (that Sophie brought back from Italy) (and probably bacon, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms)

dinner - just me and Pierre - I think we'll have leftovers to use up


lunch- just me and Pierre - he can choose (I wafted this idea past him last week and he said McDonald's but I'll try and convince him with something a bit more exciting !)

dinner- just me and Pierre - I'm trying to think of something fun. Maybe homemade pizzas? (but he doesn't really like cheese.) Well, I have a week to come up with something !


lunch- roast chicken dinner

dinner- pasta bake (using the leftover chicken from lunch)

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  1. I hope you have a nice relaxed school holidays. It sounds like you have some great plans and a tasty week of food. x


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