Sunday, 12 June 2022

What's Cooking At The Madhouse ? menu plan week 24

Into the last few weeks at school - phew ! In just three weeks, that's it ... the summer holidays will be here. That still seems pretty unbelievable at the moment but I'm sure it'll come around really fast. Things are kicking off at home too. I've ordered a new double bed and mattress (for me), a single bed (for Pierre) and a big settee (a corner unit so basically the equivalent of two settees - we have two separate ones at the moment). As well as taking the deliveries, we also have to get the old furniture downstairs so that they can pick it up and dispose of it. It all needed replacing pretty desperately but I've been putting it off for the last few years as we didn't know if we were staying in France or, after Madhouse Daddy died, moving back to the UK. As I'd lose my pension if I stop being a teacher before my retirement, I've decided to stay here and finish off my working life in France though. So, loads going on at the moment. Just as well the kids are around to help me out ! So, what's on the menu this week? Juliette has her big exam on Thursday but will be at home (hopefully revising !) for the rest of the week.


lunch- canteen for me - leftovers for the kids (chopped up chipolatas with pasta & tomatoes)

dinner - pork lomos with mash & carrots


lunch- canteen for me - the kids can go freezer diving or have sandwiches (or there are some chicken burgers that they can have in the fridge)

dinner- grilled ham & pasta - I found a bag of cook-in herbs/spices for pasta in the cupboard (that go in the water as you cook it - Sophie brought it back from Italy) so I'll give that a go


lunch- tacos

dinner- Proven├žal chicken skewers with rice & veg


lunch - meal with a friend for me/Sophie, canteen or leftovers for Juliette/Pierre (or they can come to the restaurant if they haven't got lessons)

dinner- cottage pie with carrots (actually I think I'll put the carrots in the cottage pie for simplicity)

lunch- leftovers or something from the freezer (Sophie will be in charge) - chakchouka maybe?

dinner - sweet & sour chicken stir-fry with noodles


lunch- I'm thinking there will be lots of leftovers to use up in the fridge

dinner- pasta carbonara


lunch- roast chicken, roast potatoes, veg, gravy (I think I even have a box of stuffing at the back of the cupboard)

dinner- cheese & bacon fougasse or maybe Algerian fougasse, if we didn't end up having chakchouka the other day

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  1. Our summer holidays start a bit further in summer than yours. That seems so unfair that you would lose your pension if you move to the UK. I can see why you choose to stay and work. Good luck to Juliette with her exam. New beds sound exciting!

    1. I've already got the new mattress (on the old bed for now) and it already makes such a difference :) I must admit, I'm looking forward to (and feeling in need of !) a long summer holiday. Phew !


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