Sunday 26 June 2022

What's Cooking At The Madhouse ? menu plan week 26

What a week ! I had after-school meetings (4.30 - about 7pm) every day this week except Wednesday, so Sophie was on cooking duty .... until she tested positive for COVID on Thursday. Aaaggghhh ! Luckily she's the only one to have it so far and fingers crossed it will stay that way as Juliette has one of her big exams (an oral) on Monday. The beds were delivered on Wednesday and the settee on Friday. Juliette was a total star and built the whole lot single-handedly ! I was very impressed. It's all so comfortable - much better than the old ones. This week is our last full week at school as we break up next Thursday. It's a busy week though as I have a normal day on Monday, the end-of-year "party" at school on Tuesday (when the school band plays and all the good pupils (top 3 marks and top 3 for effort) in each class get invited up on stage to receive a prize), on Wednesday (my day off usually) I have an online training session and Thursday and Friday are the big exams so I have to invigilate all day long. I'm tired just thinking about it all ! But the holidays are almost here so no complaints from me. So, here's this week's menu plan.


lunch- canteen for me - leftovers for the kids

dinner - Tex Mex pork lomos with rice and tomato salad


lunch- canteen for me - the kids can go freezer diving or have sandwiches 

dinner- chicken stir fry with noodles & loads of veggies


lunch- grilled ham with cheesy baked potatoes & beans

dinner- meatballs with tomatoes/peppers/onions/spices and couscous


lunch - I'll be at school, the kids can go freezer diving again !

dinner- pork chops with creamy potato bake and salad


lunch- I have a long lunch break between exams so I'll meet up with the kids for lunch near school - McDonald's maybe?

dinner - spaghetti carbonara 


lunch- beef pies with mash & veg

dinner- pizza


lunch- roast chicken & all the trimmings

dinner- leftover chicken/veg/gravy with pasta

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  1. Oh no! Poor Sophie! I hope she's feeling OK and you all stay negative. I hope Juliette's exam has went well and well done to her for building the beds. It sounds like a busy week.
    Great meal plan. I want to eat everything that you're going to. x

    1. Juliette made it to her exam without getting covid - phew ! Think it went ok. Sophie's feeling fine and is going stir crazy ! lol


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