Monday 22 May 2023

What's Cooking At The Madhouse ? menu plan week 20

Last week was basically a holiday as I only had work on Monday and Tuesday so it was great to have some time to chill out and work on sorting out the house and patio. Along with Juliette, we bought some bulbs and seeds and planted them all, emptying out the dead and empty plant pots and cutting back loads of weeds. It's not finished but it looks a lot better. We're looking forward to eating some homegrown tomatoes, salad, peas and beans later in the year and making the most of some brightly coloured flowers ... if the pigeons stop coming down and eating the seeds out of the pots ! We also put a lot of picture frames back up in the passage, which looks much better than the bare walls that have been there since we repainted it all. It's all babysteps but it's starting to get things back under control. In terms of food, I want to start trying out some new recipes again so I need to dig back into my recipe books over the coming weeks. Here's what we're eating this week.


lunch- canteen for me, fridge diving for those at home

dinner - chicken fajitas


lunch- canteen for me, fridge grazing for the kids

dinner- chicken burgers with chips and coleslaw


lunch- pasta carbonara

dinner- pork chops, rice and veggie croquettes


lunch lunch with friends for me, fridge grazing for the kids

dinner- American BBQ chicken with pasta & sweetcorn


lunch-  canteen for me, fridge grazing for the kids

dinner - beef & onion pie, baby potatoes & carrots


lunch- Deliveroo probably, if the kids get their way

dinner- cheese & ham omelettes with salad


lunch- roast dinner

dinner- homemade pizzas

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