Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Bye bye #NumNomsAdvent - hello New Year (and new products)

As I told you in a recent post, Juliette was over the moon to receive a surprise #NumNomsAdvent parcel in the post, containing twenty four wrapped-up mystery presents to discover in the run up to Christmas.

Every day was a new discovery, with anything from colouring sheets, scratch and sniff stickers, sweets and popcorn to yogurt pot blind packs or super duper multipacks.

She's building up quite a collection now, with everything from fruit and candy-scented critters to sandwiches, hamburgers and even sushi - I was a bit worried about sniffing that one but luckily it doesn't smell of fish ! They are all very cute and I love the fact that they hide lip balms, motorised Go Go Nums or erasers. (They actually really remind me of my collection of smelly rubbers when I was a kid, so I understand the appeal.) 

The final gift was extra special because it was  a brand new product from Num Noms – the Num Noms Lights.

As well as being cute and nicely fragranced, the Num Noms Lights glow so they're perfect for Christmas ! The new range hit the shops on Boxing Day so if your tween-aged daughters still have some Christmas money to spend, they're sure to get a warm reception.

Disclosure : We received a fabulous #NumNomsAdvent package with a variety of surprise gifts for the run up to Christmas.

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