Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Daddy Hairdo with Vosene Kids (review)

Last week, the Madhouse kids were delighted to wake up and discover a pristine, white landscape outside the windows - woohoo, we'd had snow ! This involved them getting dressed and racing outside for lots of sliding about, giggling and throwing snowballs at each other before it melted. After that, there was just one thing they wanted - a nice hot bath to warm up (or a nice mug of hot chocolate as they waited for their turn to warm up !). This was the perfect time to bring out a package that Vosene had delivered to us, including three of their fruity shampoos which all of the Madhouse kids love using : Strawberry 2-in-1 shampoo, Melon 2-in-1 shampoo and 2-in-1 shampoo with Pomelo and Vitamin C. They smell gorgeous and are great for dealing with all hair types, from Pierre's cropped hair to the girls' long locks. I even use it myself as it smells so nice ! 

While waiting for Pierre's turn, we sat down with the book that was also in the package : Daddy Hairdo by Francis Martin and Claire Powell. 

We giggled as we looked at the proud dad,with his hair that was longer than his baby daughter's.

However, as she grew, so did her hair. After catching up with her dad's luscious locks, her hair continued to grow while his disappeared. Oops !

Her hair continued to grow and grow, until it started causing all sorts of problems in her daily life, giving her hiding place away when they played hide and seek or stopping her from getting in through the door of her favourite sweet shop ! 

But it was another case of Dad to the rescue - he popped her off to the hairdresser's and she got a lovely crop. He, on the other hand, remained bald - hee hee hee !

We loved the story and it was perfect for passing the time while waiting for the bath to become free. There was only one question remaining - Strawberry, Melon or Pomelo? Hmmmm decisions decisions !

Disclosure : We received a package of shampoos and a book from Vosene - many thanks !


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